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Sep 12, 2011
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  1. I have a computer that's only five weeks old AMD with Asus motherboard. Since the first day, the computer has been as loud as when I dry my hair with a blowdryer. I contacted the company and was sent a link to an Amazon product fan.. Arctic Freeze.. I had that installed.. after that when I ran the computer longer than 30 mins, it shut down. Yesterday the monitor shut off, a white spark flew out from the top of the cpu and house electricity went out. WTH I contacted them and they "assume" it's from the fan (which was mounted by a local PC company) and if so, not covered under warranty.

    Can someone advise me how to proceed. Do I let the company pick up the computer knowing what they assume or do I contact the repair store who mounted the new heatsink?
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    That company did you no favor at all. I would not be surprised if the power supply, cpu, and motherboard are damaged especially in light of the fact that white sparks flew out from the top of the cpu and your entire house's electricity shut down. They side stepped their responsibility. Your unit should have been repaired by them right from the get-go.

    Who installed the Arctic Freeze?
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    A local computer repair shop (Bytesize) installed the new fan. What I don't understand is why the fail safe didn't work.

    I would post the link to the ticket showing all the information but haven't posted enough to do so.

    Thanks! Vikki
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    We took the PC back to the shop that installed the new fan. They found the PSU was toast but everything else was fine, whew. The original fan was remounted and though noisy, nothing like it had been.
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    Whew is right!

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