New details on Huawei's folding phone surface online


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According to Korean publication ET News, Huawei’s device will arrive next year. The exact date isn’t certain, but it will reportedly be unveiled at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress in February/March before launching sometime in June.

Samsung’s foldable device, which is expected to be called the Galaxy F or Galaxy X, measures 7.3 inches when opened up, but Huawei’s flexible phone has it beat with an 8-inch screen manufactured by BOE. It also appears to be almost completely free of bezels. When folded up, the screen measures 5 inches, again beating the Galaxy F/X’s 4.6-inch display, though unlike Samsung, Huawei has decided to include a notch.

An official said the phone would come with 5G support, which means it could be released in South Korea first, where many carriers already support the technology. It’s been reported that the Galaxy F/X won’t have 5G, which would be disappointing for a phone with a rumored $1800 price tag.

Back in October, Chinese firm Royole became the first company to unveil a foldable phone—the FlexPai—though it doesn’t look particularly spectacular in Ice Universe’s tweet.

We could see other big phone manufacturers, including LG, show off folding phones at MWC. With their astronomical prices, it seem like they’ll become a fairly niche product, but that hasn’t stopped firms jumping on the bandwagon.

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The only really good reason for a big screen is media consumption. No one is going to enjoy watching video on that odd aspect ratio screen. It might be nice for some productivity, but will probably have similar success to recent attempts by Blackberry and their unique concepts. I honestly don't see much use for this first iteration of foldable phones and I think it will flop. This just feels like a rush to get something out with a new tech we don't quite know how to get desired results with yet.

Now if they make a phone that can fold up multiple times or a screen that rolls up into a small space then we might have something. Imagine a device that is shaped like a really fat pen and has a 10 inch 16:9 screen that can roll out with a garage-door like backing that allows it to remain stiff when opened to allow normal touchscreen operation. Or maybe a phone that can fold three times over, being about 3x3 inches folded with a square screen for quick stuff, then unfolded a screen about 6x3 inches resulting in about a 6.5 inch 16:9 screen. These would be useful designs that people could actually enjoy


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I'm still looking for a device that can do the same things as the screen from Westworld and Avatar, or Ironman.

Give me a portable device that I can seamlessly ghost connect to several different other devices or monitors. As I enter a different room in my house or at work, I can instantly just toss that screen onto a new device and continue working on the same stuff or viewing the same files or content without having to connect to every different thing using casting or bluetooth.