Android New Galaxy Note 5 leaked photos quash hopes for microSD slot or removable battery

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Rendered for the press just a few days ago, and expected out next week, at a no doubt glitzy Unpacked event, Samsung's “next big thing” has been allegedly captured in the flesh for the first time. While it predictably looks awesome, the Note 5 doesn’t appear willing to repair Galaxy S6’s most critical imperfections.

No, ladies and gents, we’re afraid external storage expansion isn’t making a comeback on Samsung’s premium iPhone contenders. Nor will you be able to easily pop the trunk of Note 4’s successor, access and replace its glued battery.

Droid Life’s hands-on flaunts the Galaxy Note 5 from all angles, and the sealed back cover almost needs no clarification. But the publication’s sources insist the otherwise sizable 3,000 mAh cell is bolted in place, with a screwdriver, a lot of patience and recklessness as the only way in.

Meanwhile, we really can’t see where a microSD card slot might be accommodated, as the super-slim sides don’t shelter any digital hoarding-friendly goodies. Both “compromises” are made for noble purposes, though, specifically a robust, unibody type of construction and speedier than ever internal storage.

We all know how undependable microSD cards can get, and mixing a sluggish storage option with advanced UFS 2.0 would only lead to system instability. Ergo, it’s probably wiser to offer up to 128GB on-board data depository, plus unlimited cloud space.

Back to Note 5’s external appearance, its resemblance to the smaller, non-S Pen-capable GS6 is uncanny, save for a curvier, more ergonomic rear. And a spring-operated stylus opening, obviously, with razor-thin screen bezels also in tow, but unfortunately no USB Type-C connectivity.

Overall, this appears will be the Android phablet to beat during the holiday season, Quad HD 5.7-inch display, 4 GB RAM and all.

Image credit: Droid Life

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"We all know how undependable microSD cards can get, and mixing a sluggish storage option with advanced UFS 2.0 would only lead to system instability."

Not sure who is this "we" you're referring to, but I have never had issues; not with my Galaxy S1, S3, and not with my Note 4.

"Overall, this appears will be the Android phablet to beat..."

I don't believe other companies will have any difficulty with "beating" this phone.

"...unfortunately no USB Type-C connectivity."

I think I may add this as a requirement to my next phone :)


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No SD card and predefined life battery with no way to change so you have to replace the whole device means no buy. Sorry but I have no use of such device.


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Well it seems to be the way things are going so we's all better get used to non removable batteries and no expandable storage from here on out otherwise settle on mid range & low end devices, most seem to retain the SD card option, unless, ya'll run out and buy that new LG job but that too is likely to be the last model that'll retain swappable battery & extended storage.

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Whether the issue is"undependable microSD card" or counterfeits, I would still like the option.

"No user serviceable parts" just bugs me, but then I drive a 25 year old Volvo.


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Sorry, no SD support, no sale. They've not done it for security, stability or any other user benefit - they've done it purely to imitate the Apple model with a view to making more money. I bet the difference in manufacturing cost between say a 16gb model and 128gb model isn't much, yet they'll likely be a huge difference in price.


No SD card and predefined life battery with no way to change so you have to replace the whole device means no buy. Sorry but I have no use of such device.

I think you've just put the replaceable battery issue into focus for me - it's definitely going to be a requirement on my next phone :)


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No removable battery isn't a big thing for me, since my phone has a 4,100mAH battery, under heavy use gets 2 days battery, and on the weekend, when I don't use it as much, goes Friday morning to Sunday night with 20-30% left.
The no microSD is a killer though. Of course everyone know why...and it isn't for security, or stability.
It's so they can make a 16gb, sell it cheap, but charge 100 bucks or more for a 64gb, and 200-300 more for a 128gb, even though the cost to manufacture is what, 10 bucks?
I'm hoping more people try out a good mid range device that is a straight from the vendor to you, minus the locked down carrier bloated crap, like I did over a year ago.
We pitted my snapdragon 400 device, with a new Nexus 6 this spring, set both devices with 4-5 apps of the same version, rebooted both, waited a minute to stabilize. Ran the apps at the same time, using wi-fi and we saw nary a difference in the performance. Yeah, on benchmarks, the 6 blew mine away, but in the real world, where people run their devices, not much of a difference, at least not to the tune of more than double what I paid for mine. These new high end devices are pricing themselves out of the market, and hopefully the makes will start choking on them. Overprice, no sd card, no replaceable battery.


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..and continue to cry as sales continue to fall off a cliff.. just can't seem to find a compelling device to make me wanna throw out my still 18hr otter-clad 16/64GB deuce, oh well..


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If Apple users have been happy with their iPhones without replaceable batteries and microSD cards then Samsung users can do the same. I have the GN4 and haven't filled up the microSD with data. I have lots of songs and pictures and still the 64gb card has a lot of space. I do download all the pictures to my computer using Kies from Samsung just in case the card does fail.