New graphics card and BSOD

By 3dart
May 22, 2011
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  1. Hi. I've got a problem- recently I bought MSI GTX 560 Ti and then problem in games appeared- at first I constantly had problems with Witcher 2- after 15-30 minutes screen goes weird blurry mess, though all menus and HUD elements are drawn fine. Restarting the game helps a little and I can play for another 15-30 minutes. Knowing Witcher issues I decided to check another game- Brink. But after the game mission started PC froze for a minute, and then BSOD and reboot. Everything was fine with my previous Ati 4850 card- no freezes or Witcher bugs. I'm attaching dxdiag and minidump from last BSOD, can you please tell if it's card problem and I have to change it, or software issues. Thanks in advance

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    i don't know your problem but can provide some feedback/info based on your dxdiag

    1. You're still running XP SP2. Try upgrading to XP SP3
    2. It looks like you're also running with old chipset drivers. Go to the ASUS support site for your model, and install the latest chipset drivers
    3. ASUS also has some BIOS updates more recent then what you have installed. But i don't know if they apply or might make any difference for you case. You should take a look at them and decide if you want to try upgrade BIOS or not

    If BSODs still occur after you try above, you're best to post them in the BSOD forum for proper attention to have them reviewed
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    Thanks for your reply. I've tried what you said and still getting BSOD in Brink. It could be Brink issue, though, cause it's the only app that cause BSOD for me. Today I tried checking my card in 3DMark06 and got some unpleasant results as well. It's not BSOD of course, but still...

    I've attached zip files with photos of my screen made using my phone, printscreening was quite ineffective, because I had to stop tests and after running them anew all artifacts were gone

    Small explanations- 06, 07- one session, you can see some kind of weird foggy pattern all over the screen. Big spot on 07 is my flash:)

    08- all of a sudden screen went like shown. It happened after test 2 repeated several times

    09-15 - one session. At first it just looked like some problems with alpha, but then it changed to something you can see at the last screens

    16-18 - one session. Green spot in the center is not my flash:) It appeared after about 10 minutes of repeating second 3dmark test. Also fireflies don't look like they should as well

    What do you think, could it be software issue like drivers, or it's hardware after all? Temperature looks fine- about 55 degrees during tests and 35 idle

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