New hard drive for my dell 4600i

By jreed314
May 11, 2010
  1. I want to replace the hard drive in my dell 4600i. the current drive s 40.00GB and nearly full. I know the computer is not the most up to date model but it has served me well. 3GIg processer, 2.5 Ram and two hard drives, one 40gb ( drive C) and one 30Gb (drive F) Once I replace drive "C" with a larger drive I want to reinstall windows xp. my question is how to save the data before the reinstallation particularly from microsoft outlook.( I am also running small busness 2003 in addition to xp) I don't think I want to use a gosting software. I just need to save files from my documents and the emails and contacts in outlook. Can I save the data on the second hard drive and remove it before I reinsatall xp and then hook it back up? I'm sure this may seem like a simple issue for many of you, but consider this when you read my request, color TV had not yet been invented when I was born.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    yes you can do exactly what you ask.

    just make sure you unplug the drive (F) before installing windows so you dont accidentally wipe it during the install.

    Make sure you have all the drivers needed to install windows.

    If your using outlook (not outlook express) then do a search for a PST file, it contains all your mail and contacts, copy it over to your F drive and then when you reinstall windows office copy it back over the newly created one.
  3. jreed314

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    Thanks for the response. I will look for the PST file as you suggested.
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