New Intel Motherboard (DX50SO)

By tw0rld
May 14, 2009
  1. Matthew

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    Err not quite sure what you're looking for in regards to a response. :) I may be off-topic, and my apologies if so - but geez was that guy annoying. /cut

    I couldn't sit through the entire review. Spec-wise, I can't see much of a difference between that board and most others in its class apart from the fact that it only hosts four DIMM slots - where as most others have six. This seems illogical to me being that one of the main selling points of those boards (apart from all the juicy i7/QPI/x58 goodness) is triple channel memory.

    Why even bother having the fourth slot and even more so, why not include two more?
  2. javeous

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    If I may...

    Tiger should terminate that fellow and place his salary and production budget into their confused business to business representatives' fund.

    Or maybe, they could hire a programmer to actually implement an effective e-commerce search engine.

    The website's shopping environment was fine back in 2002, but it hasn't changed much in almost eight years.

    I'm not normally so negative, but Tiger and their Infoteldistributors BS, are responsible for countless back orders and not-so-timely refunds for my customers.
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