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Oct 30, 2010
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  1. I just bought a condo in Hilton Head, and the association is converting ISP's. There is currently a wireless network with a modem and router. With the new ISP and fios, will I still need these things for my laptop? If I am not asking the correct question, can you tell me what I need to ask my association. I will not be there when the conversion takes place. If I sound illiterate about this, I truly am.
  2. JMMD

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    Does each unit get it's own connection? If so, then you will need a modem and a router, Verizon will provide everything you need. If the building just has a wireless network that you can connect to from any condo then you don't need anything.
  3. JudJer

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    Thanks. These are the questions I will ask. I hope it is the latter so I can get rid of those nasty cords.
  4. jobeard

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    It very much depends upon the choices made buy the association.
    Typically, you will pay the association a fee for Internet access and they will provide you with
    a connection. They then are the point of contact for problems and they call the ISP rather than you. With this setup, the association will have the only modem and a large router which connects to each condo. If you have more than one system, you will need a switch between the connect to the association and your systems - - if you have a router already, we can get that to work for you just as well.

    The other choice of install is just like whatever you have now; you're a customer to the ISP, they provide the Modem and you connect to it.

    I'm sure you will get detail instructions from the manager on how & when to proceed.
  5. captaincranky

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    Since FIOS is usually sold as a package, is your cable TV and phone migrating to Verizon as well.?

    I'm pretty paranoid, and envision the condo assn, not permitting other networks a foothold in the collective.
  6. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,161   +986

    I would guess that too - - the association becomes the vendor - - and hikes the rates as extra income to them :(

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