New motherboard, no internet connection

By hornago
Dec 6, 2010
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  1. Hi, newbie here, semi computer savie. My HP a6242n got fried with a voltage surge THROUGH my UPS with surge protecter (not). I replaced the MB with a HP Nettle2-GL8E, PN: 5189-0929 system board. I got everything back but can't get the onboard ethernet connection to work. Did a command prompt ping test, as suggested by HP website (got there from my laptop). results were exactly as shown on thier page. went to device manager to view network adapters, but they dont show unless I select "show hidden devices". When I select any one of them,it says " this device is working properly". When I view network adapters under system information, they all list IP's as not available. Did an "ipconfig" command prompt, came back,"tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: Media disconnected. Not the complete message but hopefully you get the idea. I am SO out of my league here, so please be gentle with me. If it helps, this computer use to display a blue HP on the boot screen, now displays a pink CP, and under system info it lists Compaq Presario as the manufacturer. Same hardrive, same AMD64X2 processor, Windows7 (upgraded from Vista 2 years ago). Im sure Im not giving you enough info, but ya gotta start somewhere

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