New PC build, no signal to monitor

By Cory2233
Sep 30, 2009
  1. I just finished putting together my latest computer build. Everything to my knowledge is connect and fitting correctly. As of now I only have one stick of ramm in the A1 slot. I have disconnected the all-nonessential bios boot hardware. (eg. CD-Rom, HD, SSD) the motherboard is connected to the power correctly and the power is also connected to the video card along with it also being correctly installed. I am wanting to build a crossfire build but after the first boot failed I took out the 2nd card and just trying to boot via one (seems to be working) card. Also i made sure the CPU is also correctly installed.the back of the video card has two dvi connecters, and it comes with the dvi to vga adpter. The motherboard has a memok! button, I pushed this btton it goes into a check, i'm assuming, it states on the digital readout "tuning 1" all the way up to "tuning 25' after this completed it said fail. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

    Crosshair lll formula motherboard
    Radeon HD 4870 crossfure rdy (i have two)
    AMD Phenom ll x4 black edition processor 125w 3.2ghz
    Hitachi 1tb hd 7200rpm
    Crucial 64gb SSD
    Rosswell 600w power supply
    Corsair 3 x 2GB ddr3 says recommended for intel core i7 but im assuming that i will work with amd, also on newegg it never said that it was Intell or Amd specific.
  2. Adhmuz

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    The failing memory is never a good sign. Try each individual stick through that Memok! test. Also double and triple check all your connections. Not sure why you bought a triple channel RAM kit if you can only do dual, seems a little odd.
  3. Cory2233

    Cory2233 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I got the problem worked out, tured out I didnt have the 12v power in all the way where the PSU was split in two (4+4 connecter), I ended up with the triple channel because they were running a deal at the time and it was cheeper the the 2 channel at 16000mhz turnes out. Thanks however!
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