New Pc, Help With BIOS Display

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Jan 23, 2006
  1. Hi

    finally finished constructing my new pc today :)

    Asus A8N - SLI Deuluxe Mobo
    AMD64 x2 4200+ CPU
    BFG GeForce 788GTX OC Graphics
    1 250GB Sata I H/D
    Some optical drive
    old floppy (for booting)

    i need to update my BIOS, when i power my pc up, the monitor just stays on standby.
    its a CRT monitor, i use a DVi - VGA Adapter that i got with my card. it should display something, but it dosent

    the first PSU i used blew out in a big flash of light, and a big bang!!
    could that have affected anything? the motherboard lights still come on, optical drives and floppy still do something.

    Anyhelp, cheers in advance
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    I seriously doubt a bios update is gonna solve your problem. if your PSU failed as dramaticaly as you state then there is a very good chance it damged other components. like your mobo, cpu, memory or video card. I would try out the video card in another machine to make sure it is working since it had a direct connection to the 12V rail of the PSU that blew up.

    Also, what PSU are you using? wattage and how much is it delivering on the 12V rail?
  3. 1337 n00b

    1337 n00b TS Rookie Topic Starter


    the first PSU was a Thermaltake TR2 430watt,

    i bought another CPU the same day and a surge protector, the new PSU i have is some 460Watt one which cost me £25.

    i hooked everything up, and it works perfectly, the 3 fans come on, the Hard drive spins, the optical and floppy drive flash, the cpu fan comes on, the graphics catd fan comes on. everything works!

    but i just get a screen like my computer is on standby.

    and i need to update the BIOS because my Mobo cant handle the dual core cpu, then i can install my OS.

    Why dont computers just work !!
  4. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Go to the asus site and to the support section they should have the latest bios for your board available for download.
  5. 1337 n00b

    1337 n00b TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Well what do u think im trying to do....

    if you actually read what i am saying, you'll find that im trying to update the BIOS but my monitor is staying in standby mode, and is not displaying the BIOS on the screen.
  6. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    are you using a floppy based flash?
  7. JimShady23

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    I agree with iss. If your other psu failed that dramatically then the chances it damaged other componants is almost certain. When a psu fails like you said more than likley power has been surged to connected componants. In return causing transitors to melt, capacitors to blow and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff.

    Your saying that your system turns on with all the bells and whistles just does not post. I garuntee you have a fried componant if not more. Just because your system turns on does not mean everything is hunky dorey.

    Just to let you know you can turn on most motherboards without a cpu installed or video or memory. Are you getting a beep code of any sort ?

    And about the fans and stuff working....Just because they work does not mean that other componants on the device are not shot. A video card with a fried gpu will still power up the fan.

    I know its kind of hard with this newer technology having test parts laying around as with socket A stuff and AGP....I know that if I had a socket a agp system with a hardware problem I could diagnose it rather quickly....because I have boxes and boxes of those componants sitting around.

    Depending on how old the thermaltake psu that fried was, id give thermaltake a call and tell them what happened. I'm almost certain they have some type of protection coverage that would entitle you to new componants because a quality psu is not sappost to do that lol....And I think a company as big as thermaltake will stand behind their product when it fails....Other than that you still have the RMA option on all of your componants....I know its a pain in the ***, but if it was me I would RMA everything because lets say you do find the componant that is damaged....there is still a high chance that the blast of your psu damaged or weakend other componants as well....even if they work....they could fail at any time.....

    Also with the RMA of the items this is where I guess you could say morals come into play....because if you state the RMA reason is that your PSU blew....they may say too bad contact the power supply company. So I would advise you to not state that as the RMA reason that your psu took out the componants.....That is entirerly up to you of course. I myself have no problems telling a white lie to billion dollar more than likley they have told a few in thier day with shady maketing schemes :D
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