new task manager corruption

By tommyt
Aug 12, 2007
  1. there seems to be a new type of corruption in windows(xp) task manager, the case is that in task manager, in tab processes, the image name column displays weird or blank spaces for processes.

    This came to me, when i was trying to close a task using task manager in applications tab, however, the task wouldn't close, so i right clicked to processes to close. Then i saw the highlighted process displaying square and star characters. Not only that but the rest of the processes, under my user is displayed like that/ or blank/ or different characters, but none of it was english.

    This is exetremely difficult as i often run a lot of processes but i don't know which is which. The only option i've come up with is to use cmd, tasklist and synchroize it with the task manager to identify which process is which.

    I have use spywarebot, errorkiller, regcure, and norton anti-virus, and none of them have fixed this problem. I also really can't afford to format my computer as i have years of very important information, and the OS disks would take weeks to arrive, since we moved recently into the hills.

    I never realized i had this probelm, until i tried closing an application through the process tab. For all i know, i could have had this probelm up to a few weeks, and system restore doesn't go that far. My little brothers could have downloaded software or files with worms, etc but my protection can't find it, i also have no clue which files they are, they forgot, i can't find them.

    Any of you mates out there able to give me some insight on what to do?
    i can post a link with a screenshot of what my task manager looks like if it is needed.
    Thanks, tommy
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