New to building a PC

By Chriskay
Jul 19, 2015
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  1. Hello,

    Im new to here and to pc building in general I could really use the help in choosing the parts I have been saving for this pc for a few years now.

    The parts are:
    Msi z97 gaming itx
    Msi 980ti 6g
    1tb hard drive 3.5
    Ssd 240gb
    Psu wilk depend on the support of the case if it has support for sfx or atx
    Now I really want an itx case and the most important is that it has good cooling because where I live it can reach around 45 degrees C and if the case
    Also has filters that would be great.
    Cases that I have in mind are:
    Bitfenix prodigy and phenom
    Enthoo itx
    Node 202
    Now the node 202 and rvz01 I was really worried about heat and thats the only thing keeping me from choosing them
    If you guys can recommend a case I wont be doing any water cooling its all air cooled because all the parts will be shipped over sea.

    Thank you

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