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Jun 27, 2007
  1. hi, im new to techspot and hope to be using it a lot.

    my problem is that i just bought the elder scrolls Oblivion for my PC. i installed it and tried to run it and a little black screen showed up in the upper left hand part of my computer and then windows said that it has stopped working and shut down the oblivion game. i ran a virus check and removed a trojan virus (i dont know if that was the problem or not), but i tried to run it again and it still showed the little black screen and shut down the game.

    My PC is a sony VAIO 2007: Operating system:Windows vista home premium

    Processer:Intel core 2 duo processor T7100

    System memory: 2GB DDR2-667 SDRAM

    Hard Disk drive: 160GB

    thanks for your help---if i didn't specify on something just ask and i will find out what you need.....

    thanks again
  2. mailpup

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    You didn't mention if you installed all game patches. If not, try that.
  3. CCT

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  4. robertwcook22

    robertwcook22 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i know im a total noob, but what are game patches? and how do i get them?
  5. CCT

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  6. mailpup

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    Game patches are files that fix various problems found after a game has been released. Some patch files are quite large. Some games have several patches and most major games have some kind of patch eventually. CCT has already linked to a website with patches. Anytime you buy a PC game check online to see if any patches have been released, particularly if the game has been out for awhile. Install the game first and then install the patches. You often have to restart the PC between installations.

    After downloading the patch, if it is zipped, you will have to use a zip utility to extract the patch file(s). Most patches will run if you double click the setup.exe or plain .exe file. Alternately, you can execute the file from the Start > Run box. Then just follow the installation like any other program installation process.
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