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Nov 20, 2010
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  1. just won a Soyo kt33-k7vxbp w/ cpu and memory on E-bay to upgrade my OLD desktop..
    Know this is a good (old) board but want to know details. Yahoo/Google searches have NOT turned up any detailed spec sheets.
    At the very least I want to know RAM capacity and type and CPU capabilities

    Any help out there.
  2. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    You need to search for the KT333 K7VXBP not KT33. If it's the Dragon Ultra, then it has the following:
    Three DDR 2.5V DIMM sockets support up to 3GB (DDR 333/266/200)
    * 184-pin PC2700/PC2100/PC1600 non-ECC, unbuffered DDR SDRAM memory

    You can find the Dragon Ultra specs here in this review of the board when it first came out. Hope this helps.
  3. bigbrat41

    bigbrat41 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    Thank you
    the KT33 was a typo (back in the day...... they called it typing and I didn't take the class).
  4. jamesodriscoll

    jamesodriscoll TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Hi bigbrat41,

    As luvhuffer suggested the board you have is the Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra (K7vxbp) and has the following specifications:

    CPU - Skt A / Skt 462 Supporting AMD Athlon, Athlon, Duron (upto 2200+)

    CHIPSET - VIA KT333 + VT8233A

    FORM - ATX 30.5cm x 24.5cm

    EXP SLOTS - 5 x PCI + 1 AGP Pro* + 6 USB

    MEMORY - 3 x 184Pin DDR DIMM Slots PC1600 - PC2100 - PC2700 (Max 3Gb) -> As Mention by LuvHuffer

    FSB - 100Mhz - 233Mhz (Steps of 1Mhz)

    AUDIO CHIPSET - C-Media CMI8738

    * This basically means that is has more power thana standard AGP slot. A normal AGP card will work in this slot provided it has the registration slot on it. Always good to note there that you can buyt specific AGP Pro Cards however AGP Pro cards do NOT work in standard AGP Slots.

    Hope all these specifications help you any questions please ask :)

  5. bigbrat41

    bigbrat41 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 54

    is that high or low density RAM ?

    Thank you to all
  6. jamesodriscoll

    jamesodriscoll TS Rookie Posts: 91


    Its NON-ECC ram so standard DDR


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