New versions of PS3 still lack PS2 compatibility

By Justin · 30 replies
Aug 20, 2009
  1. While it's too soon to proclaim the PS3 Slim a successful console, it has generated a lot of hype and positive feedback for Sony. Unfortunately, for fans of previous-generation games, it - like most prior PS3 models - will not feature PS2 backward compatibility. Of the seven PS3 flavors in circulation, the now-discontinued 20GB and 60GB models are the only two compatible with PS2 games. For those looking to buy new hardware, PS2 compatibility will remain a non-option in the foreseeable future.

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  2. No one gives a crap about it. So stop trying to make Sony look bad.
  3. Up until recently I would have agreed with you, but this week I have really wanted to play through the Resident Evil series again :(
  4. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 997   +93

    I'm really surprise people though they'd drop the price and add backward compatibility back. They originally removed that feature to save on production costs. As to if they will regret that move 5 years from now, I doubt it. With over 130 million units produced you'll be able to find one if you want one.
  5. I don't care about Backwards Compatibility! - My original PS2 still works fine - I just dont understand you people- You want a price drop - you got it! Unless you dont really want to buy a PS3, you will always find a reason not to buy it!

    So just stop whining and dont buy a PS3. Me, I'm getting a 2nd one for my bedroom TV!
  6. Jimmy5

    Jimmy5 TS Rookie

    There are 3 versions that have backwards compatibility, 20,60 and 80.
    I have the first version of the 80 gig and it is backwards compatible, the second gen did not have it.
    It's not a big feature for me but it is handy as I have some ps2 kids games my daughter can play.
    I agree with tekkaraiden. If you want a ps2 slim the Sony store sells them for $60.
    Also Sony did patent PS2 emulation through hardware so it might come in the future.
  7. Jimmy5

    Jimmy5 TS Rookie

    Sorry ... I mean software
  8. Jimmy5

    Jimmy5 TS Rookie

    Forgot to mention that the first gen 80gig was North America only.
  9. Route44

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    Meanwhile the Wii -- disdained by both PS and XBOX fanbois -- is killing Mr. No Backwards Compatibility in sales by large margins. And, oh yes, Wii is backwards compatible with Gamecube as well as the ability to download Nintendo 64 and SNES games as well.

    And, no, I am not a console player in the least. I am a fan of no system in the least. It is another Sony "brillant" move that Justin is simply reporting.
  10. TorturedChaos

    TorturedChaos TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 839   +29

    The Backwards Compatibility for the PS3 is a big selling point for me. I have a fair amount of PS2 & 1 games I still like, but my PS2 is on its last leg.
    My friend has the PS3, got one of the first generation ones, and the backwards compatibility is a must for him. Has quite a nice collection on PS2 & 1 games, and his PS2 was really acting up when he bought the PS3. And just last weekend we spent several hours playing Guilty Gear XX - Accent Core for the PS2, on his nice backwards compatibly PS3.
    Looks like my only hope now is some dumb schmuck hocks his older PS3 to buy a new slim one, I can pick it up at a decent price.
    And yes I love the Playstation, but I really have to like the backwards compatibility on the Wii. Room mate was just playing one of the Zelda's for the GC on it the other day.
  11. Jimmy5

    Jimmy5 TS Rookie

    It still plays ps1 games if that helps any...
    I think Sony is looking to make money on the ps3 after years of loses and they really needed to "slim" it down. The ps2 chips just added more cost.
  12. Jimmy5

    Jimmy5 TS Rookie

    Well this confirms it...for now.
  13. Who really cares anymore, not me for sure, just the minute few maybe, but if they have a PS2 then, why complain!!? I just wan to play next gen games and the PS3 is all about (for me right now) current Hi-def games. the PS2 was great but like all greats, the time has come and it's bowing out with grace.

    So stop making posts like this that are irrelevant. We are living in a HD Blu-ray era, get with it, or its gonna leave you behind. How cheap can $299 for a PS3 be? save and buy one or go get a job.
  14. It's called a recession.. and sony is doing catch up and doesn't listen to the consumer. And the consumer wants the most for his money. so some flunky got a 50 cent raise for comming up with the idea.. and he probably eats bagel samitches and has 2 marketing degrees. Which means , CLUELESS.

    It matters to those of us who have a collection of games and want to play them when on a whim.
    Plus the ps 1 and 2 combined collection of games are alot more than the ps3 .

    And, If you don't like the titles out on the ps3 you can just pop in your old titles and have a go with those.

    I'll be buying a old ps3 just because I have a large collection of games which I love to play.
    all those rpg's and action games?

    I mean geez all those darn Final Fantasy and Arc the Lad and metal gear solid games.
    And alot of people don't have the friggin room for 2 consoles in a entertainment center with one tv and few ports.

    Yes, You can do the .. only play ps3 on the ps3 and move the ps2 to the floor or room with bad tv... which would suck rotten carmel apples on halloween..

    I mean.. if nintendo can do it ... why can't sony?

    Don't get me started on the removing of linux..

    and the slim ps2 took out hd support but it was so damn sexy.. folks forgot aobut it.. and it still played ps one games. and the mem cards..

    I will keep my ps2 and get a 'retro' ps3 just cuz.. i'm lazy and will put a huge hd in it and play with linux .. well they do make emulators .. and i'm sure the ps3 slim will get linux back and a emulator.. for the ps2..

    It will be slow cuz of software only and not hardware .. but .. I could live with that ! :)

    Oh.. and it won't matter to some who never owned a console before and just want ps3 stuff..
    or the person who only owned 3 ps2 games.. lol

    But , for me.. that's a deal breaker baby!
  15. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,332   +101

    It's awesome that you don't mind - but a lot of people do. To play off your post: we are living in an iconless desktop and wireless entertainment era, who wants an extra (decade old) console cluttering up their living room when their new unit could easily be tweaked to play the old games? Just because it's a non-issue for you, doesn't mean someone else isn't missing the feature for one reason or another.

    The only irrelevant post in this thread that I see, is yours.
  16. maddmatt02

    maddmatt02 TS Rookie Posts: 88

    I would have bought the cheaper 40 gig when I bought mine if that was the only difference. I think the 40 didnt have the card readers and only 2 usb ports, but still what made up my mind was that the 80 gig played my GTA3, GT3, and tekkens.
    there will soon be a 120 gig slim in my room as a br player and 2nd game station.
    is it the same 2.5" sata drive as the original ps3?
    if so Id swap the 120 to the big one for movies/music/demos in the living room.
  17. As many already said, backwards compat. is a HUGE factor for alot of people. (Including myself) I cant explain how hard is was, trying to find a 60G or 80G BC. Let alone find one for a realistic price. (I never did) Numbers speak for themselves, and the other models only sold AFTER there were no BC models left. LOL

    I, like many others, have a PS2 on it's last limb. I had a select few PS2 games that were classics in their time. Paying a measley 60-70 bucks for a PS2 isn't the issue. Having the benefit of being able to play them on a NEW console, and consolidate equiptment would be a major plus. If anyone is all about the "new era" it would be me with 300G computers, PDA phones, BD players and 1080p HDTV's all over the house... (How did we even look @ the previously viewed fuzz?? LOL) But still, I appreciate the quality of forgotten times.

    I completely understand the cost effective reasoning behind the lack of BC in the new model, but still the desire for it lingers in the dark mist of the unfulfilled.
  18. This was my post..... I jus thought I'd also add that I'm a SONY fan, (PS, VAIO, or other) so BC or not.... I'm still getting the PS3 Slim. I'll be simultaniously trying to rid myself of the Non-BC PS3 80GB I currently own. I can do w/o Linux. Old Technology???....YUUUKKKK!!!!!!!!! LOL
  19. I for one have a 60 GB unit and would buy a slim if it had PS2 compatibility. So there is one sale they could make and I don't think I am alone.
  20. it would be cool to get BC but just before i got my ps3 my ps2 was on its last legs so i got rid of it. got £40 for it at Game and with my collection of ps2 games sold i got a good £100 so i put the money towards a ps3. So in general it doesnt bother me if it has Bc or not coz i have no games to play anyway. mind you i do have some mates that have tons of ps2 games, it would b handy if it did have Bc so we could play classic games.

    I no this is off topic but if retro games come to playstation store they should bring out the gta collection up to san-andreas coz it is a awesome game
  21. Yeah, 130 million my ***.. Those numbers are wrong who evea u believe. I thing u dont see is that Those that had the PS2, had to replace thier 2-3x times. So this is why Sony got thier figures.
  22. You are showing your stupitlty. You dont even have a CLUE that by Sony releasing da PS3 slim. It will be another useless piece of hardware. IT's CHEAP, less components, less reliabilty... Just look @ the history of there lineup of hardware (Ex)PSX there laser were buring out, same thing wit PS2...and when they relesed the PS2 Slim, it was was the WROST piece of CHEAP **** garbage put on the market. Sony know how to grab uneducated customers like YOU!
  23. We have loads of PS2 games that the kids love, I am now on my 3rd PS2. I would have brought a PS3 a long while back when the first one gave out, but it didnt have PS2 compatibility. Instead we ended up buying a Wii and and another PS2 second hand.

    Had this new PS3 got backwards compatibilty I would now be pre-ordering, Sony are also stating they have no intention of adding it. Meanwhile our WII collection is growing, I am sure Nintendo wont make the same mistake when their new WII comes out in a few years. There is now nothing tieing me into the PS brand.
  24. Sony axed Ps2 BC, due to Ps2 sales to push PS3 games, that's what Jack (ceo) of sony told investors, and went on to say it was not a cost factor.

    Also besides PS2 BC, they've axed 2 usb ports, SACD (SuperAudio cd support), Memory Card readers, and with the slim, Install "OtherOs" aka Linux.

    I'm very frustrated at Sony at the moment.
  25. And, I bet you leave the house once every 6 months. Go to your room and play by yourself. I want ONE Sony system to play games on. Not freaking 3!!!! Excuse me for not wanting to attach yet another component to the mess that is already there. So you shut up!
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