New Xbox 360 controller fixes D-Pad woes

By jonahcandy
Dec 28, 2010
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  1. Anybody who has played a fighting game on the Xbox 360 will immediately tell you what a PITA it sometimes is with the system's standard controller. Why? Well, the d-pad sucks, more or less.

    Fortunately, Microsoft has finally heard the calls for an updated d-pad and are going to release a new controller on November 9th that's geared more towards the d-pad gamers out there.

    As noted, the controller will run you $64.99 and will only be sold as a bundle with the Play n' Charge kit. November 9th is the release date for North America, with Europe possibly getting it some time in February of 2011.

    Also of note is the monochromatic look to the buttons and improved analog stick concavity.

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