Newegg Site Scripts causing browser issues?

By B00kWyrm
Jan 25, 2016
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  1. Anyone else experiencing issues?
    I have reported my issues to Newegg, but they remain unresolved.
    Mostly I am using a 64bit Mozilla browser (Waterfox 43.0.4)
    on a Win7 (64 bit, sp1) fully updated Dell laptop.
    But I experience the same using Firefox 43.0.4 on a home-built Win7(64, sp1) desktop.
    Symptoms... anytime I do anything on Newegg,
    a script will cause the browser to hang for roughly a minute.
    I will get a dialog asking if I want to continue, debug, or stop the problem script.
    Stop the script, and the next search, or move, or whatever, it hangs again.
    I have the problem with or without AdBlockPlus, and with or without Ghostery active.
    My Shockwave and SIlverlight plug-ins are up-to-date.
    Any thoughts?

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