Newly upgraded PC won't turn on

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Jan 4, 2015
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  1. So I've just installed a new motherboard [B85-HD3] and my new I7 4790. I followed the manual while installing the components and I've read over it multiple times,looking for the solution.Im here because I couldnt find a solution,I was hoping somebody here could give me any reasons why my PC wont power up at all, and im pretty sure none of the components are damaged since I never heard any unusual noises or seen clear,visable damage to any of the components. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.Thank you
  2. Check to see that you have a fan plugged into the "CPU Fan" header somewhere near the cpu itself. Many pcs {if not all of them} will not start if there is no fan plugged into that specific fan header on the MB.
  3. Could be a myriad of potential issues. first obvious thing is check the 2 power cables, and all other cables.
    Check your RAM, I've had a built that wouldn't start with the 2 sticks RAM I was intending it to run with but fired up with just one, I had to order new sticks.
    Unplug all unnecessary, dvd drive, hard drive, video card, install just one stick of ram, the i7 and it's ventirad. See if it beeps, if yes add components one at the time until it stops.
    If it doesn't then it's more complicated since you'll need a comparable working built to swap components one at the time at test if any of them might be broken.
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    Absolutely zero indications of power getting to anything? If thats the case, first thing is to check your PSU switch is on. Check that the voltage switch on the PSU (same side the cord to the mains is at) is correct. If it isn't, unplug and switch it to where it should be.

    After that, verify your power switch on the case is ran to the correct pins on the motherboard. Better yet, figure out what those 2 pins are and short them together with a screwdriver or knife blade. Those pins only need a brief connection, not sustained.

    There are some other things to try I'm sure, but those are the first 2 things I'd do if it doesn't appear anything is getting power.
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    I'd place my money on that being the issue 95% of the time, when a new build will not post.

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