Next-gen Atom to feature 8 cores, OOE and Turbo Boost


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Intel's next generation Atom-based SoC is on the way and Xbit Labs provides some of the details. Dubbed Avoton, Intel's upcoming system-on-a-chip will be based on 22nm Silvermont architecture and feature eight cores sharing 4MB of L2 cache (1MB per...

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Im confused. low power server=Ferrari with camry engine?
No. Tough to compare with cars, with my limited car knowledge, but the point isn't for the SoC to pose as a Ferrari.

Basically, it would be like comparing a 1st-gen i7 and a 3rd gen i7. Way more power, on a smaller size. So you save power most of all, without sacrificing much, if any, from traditional server setups.

So having a server farm with these new chips would drastically reduce the power consumption. And the more servers you have, the more power you are saving, really.

Per Hansson

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"eight cores sharing 4MB of L2 cache (1MB per core)"

Someone got a math problem here. I bet it's the regular 4-core HT.
Yea the source (cpu-world) says:
"The CPU part of the Avoton SoC will pack from 2 to 8 Atom cores. Each pair of cores will share 1 MB L2 cache, therefore the 8-core version of the chip will have 4 MB of level 2 cache."


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I'm actually looking forward to this, the HP MicroServer N40L would benefit a lot from a processor like this :)