Next-gen graphics cards rumored to offer significant leap in performance


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On a mid-range rig, the RTX 2080 is nice. But for those with higher-end setups, there is ample room for improvement.

YOU may feel that these cards are useless; that in itself does not make them useless. A 2080Ti wouldn't cut it for my monitor to get the maximum performance, unfortunately. :)

I have a 3440x1440p running at a 175Hz refresh rate. For high settings (not Ultra) even the RTX3080Ti won't get me there in many AAA games.

Bring on the RTX 4080 - I hope it destroys the RTX 3090.

To heck with the price or power consumption- after all, nobody buys a Ferrari for the gas mileage. If I have to upgrade my PSU, so be it. I bought a large case to future-proof, and it will now pay off. A custom cooling loop will be in the works once I secure an RTX 4080!
Higher settings you mean your monitor 4k ,you are not the mid range, you are the one that probably doesn't care about the price ,good for you ,you have the money ,I would the same ....I will do the same ,the only difference is I will do it when I can get it in the actual VALUE not the " VALUE" that is created by inflation factors like mining and opportunity like "enthusiasm " that's a joke !! I hope that you are making money and not just spending your father's money or mother's, because if you are not spending your hard earned money you are just not o conscious buyer, you are just a boy exploiting your parents ,do if you can it is not a bad thing!! But the point is beyond that !! The point is not to get carried away from things overvalued just for profit ,there should be an added value to everything you get and in GPUS there is none right now !!!