Next gen Xbox to include two GPUs, four or six-core processor



Steam Already has internet only game usage!!!! Valve has over 25 Million Subscribers and an average of 4 million people using steam every day. Chill out people! Sometime I think people are simply looking for a reason to jump ship as quickly as possible...


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Microsoft's statements are getting to be quite hilarious, just like the FBI's statements.
Ok well not that bad.


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Guest said:
Steam Already has internet only game usage!!!! Valve has over 25 Million Subscribers and an average of 4 million people using steam every day. Chill out people! Sometime I think people are simply looking for a reason to jump ship as quickly as possible...
Valve and Steam users are PC gamers. Usually a much different breed than Console gamers.
And I would expect a PC to always have an Internet connection. Not so with a console.
Like some previous posters stated, not every parent is keen on giving their child an unattended Internet connection.


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part of the reason people buy consoles over a pc is because they do not have the internet


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So you turn off your modem most of the time? Do you turn off your wireless too? Do you game with a tin foil hat on?


@ryanb2145, You have a valid point and seem to be one of the most sensible people in this forum. I just noticed that everytime there is an article posted with anything Microsoft related it seems to get destroyed as soon as it is posted. It runs people people in the middle like me away because the views here seem to be so extreme. I guess that is why I have not committed to stay by opening a permanent account yet. LOL


And it will cost 1000$ if all the rumors about this thing were to be true.


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Good luck with this you kiddie console gamers. Maybe you can ask your mom and dad for a raise in your allowance to cover the internet connection? Oh, or mow a few yards for some extra money?


@ butch

Your stereotype couldn't be farther from the truth. While I am still a PC gamer, all my friends have completely abandoned PC gaming when they started to earn decent $. Instead of living with their moms and playing on a 24 inch "loot" $2k PC rigs as they did in university, they got $700-800k houses, $2-5k sound systems, 55-60 inch plasma TVs, leather couches and consoles. Now we regularly smash beers or cognac XO while playing multi-player games at least once a week. It's a lot of fun. My group of friends also drive cars from M3 to X6M to Audi S5, travel all over Asia and Europe regularly. One of us is thinking of getting a 911. We are all under 30, professionals (bankers, lawyers, accountants). Actually, from my own observation, most PC gamers are not wealthy. Ironically I tend to find people with the lowest incomes having high-end rigs because that's all they can afford in life. People with a lot of $ blow it on much bigger things and because they value time, they don't care to tinker with CF drivers that don't work properly, or dealing with any bugs on the PC. They just want to come home after work and play.

Obviously a lot of console gamers are kids too, but your generalization is certainly not true.


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Dear Microsoft good luck with sales, my eyes are looking elsewhere.

Sorry Microsoft, if I am going to play an off-line game then I want my machine to play the game off-line. I see no need in connecting my machine unless I plan on playing an on-line game. This on-line connection requirement is giving the sales pitch a purchasing deterrent.

By the way Microsoft, there is such a thing as people who don't have Internet. I hope you are not trying to sell your console to them.


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Guest said:
Steam Already has internet only game usage!!!! Valve has over 25 Million Subscribers and an average of 4 million people using steam every day. Chill out people! Sometime I think people are simply looking for a reason to jump ship as quickly as possible...
1.) steam would have even more users without internet requirement
2.) Most of steams games require internet to acquire in the first place
3.) i had another bigger point but i forgot what is was?


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ghasmanjr said:
slh28 said:
If there's 2 7970's in there then I may consider it...
Somehow I doubt this. An earlier article stated that the GPU would likely be a 6850, which would be about a 7750 for the 7000 series. Even in crossfire (which the article said it wouldn't), I wouldn't want this system.
It is not running like crossfire or SLI. It is running different processes separately, which is extremely efficient.


And what has ever been cheap about the most expensive console ever ps3 $750. BUCKS when it first launched here in Canada, and today its still more expensive than XBOX360. ps3 that can't properly play AAA games like Skyrim, and Black Ops has been reported as a poor multiplayer on ps3, and numerous other titles that just wonte work properly on ps3. But as we all know all new console are expensive and there are buyers who don't seem to care, they just want the latest and greatest NOW! I personaly don't believe this reported rumor about XBOX 720 coming Holidays 2013. I have heard Microsoft reps say they will not (with the tone of "never will") use Bluray on any future XBOX's. Sounded to me like Microsoft is not interested in sony making money off Microsoft's success. sony ps3 never made a dime in all the years its been out (5.1/2yrs). sony been sued so many times over ps3 and then Hacked to Death so bad they had to rebuild their internet security that cost multiple millions and then after the rebuilt security sony got hacked again, this time 96 thousand accounts hacked last Sept 2011. sony being sued buy 100s in class action lawsuits over their psn hacked customers. sony ps3 is going down as the worst most expensive nightmare that any company could ever come up with, and alls their customers want even today is free-bee's from sony all the time. But like I said from years past has proven that all new generation consoles are expensive at first (some like ps3 stay expensive, compared to XB360 and Wii consoles).

sapo joe

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So, if I want to play videogames on a country house without internet, I won't be able to play?

GREAT! I'm buying another PC...


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You are so far off base its not even funny. I choose to not play on PC because of the continuing costs of upgrading your computer. I bought my xbox360 and I only paid for it once. Your sterotyping just goes to show how limited your understanding is in the differences between PC and Console. Some of us dont feel its right to have to drop 150 on a video card. Or have to upgrade your memory everytime a flashier game comes out. Also I put in 11-12hr days standing on my feet. I would rather come home kick of my shoes and toss Mass Effect 3 in and veg on the couch then be hunched over a computer for the same amount of time.


You all know you will buy it. What MS doesn't seem to get is that we will all crack the **** out of it, remove the online only feature and play downloaded games. This is DRM run amok.

This cannot stand, man.


You have to be online to play the games? See.... that's why people are going back to PC where a single crack will stop Ubisoft's demand for an internet connection. Have fun console fanboys!

Btw, can you you render that HD movie or 3D model on that iPad, iPhone or console of yours? Just saying...


They are just rumors!!! Seriously when will you kids stop kicking off about every story that gets put online?!


People sound like they are talking they have to buy the console. They don't like always on internet. I don't like it either, that's why i won't be buying one if that is the way it's going to be. We have many devices that play games now, why would we settle for this? If we don't buy, they don't sell. If they don't sell, they re-think. If they don't re-think, they lose money. Companies hate to lose money. The other thing we can do is... go out side, talk to our friends face to face, go to a movie, take up a sport. Ps3 and xbox 360 are **** consoles. Update this, download that, pay for this, pay for that. My super Nintendo never looked so good. Game in console, check, power on, check, playing game in under 30 seconds? Crazy.