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Hi, if you had the same irritating problem as me then read on :)
When I bought my PC with XP preinstalled the main admin account was "user" and I was new to XP 6 months ago so took a few days to get used to it but after a few days I renamed the admin from "user" to "mark" but noticed that my documents folder was still named user, try renaming that folder and it won't let you, I honestly nearly got to the point of reinstalling xp (bear in my I wouldn't know how) I googled for solutions and all I got where mad suggestions which seemed far beyond my knowledge but glanced through an old mag today and my prob was solved :) if you do it create a restore point as always, open regedit, then "Hkey_local_machine", then "software" then "microsoft" then "windows NT" then click "currentversion" and click the keys "registered organisation" and "registered owner" to change, job done, no probs for me and I hate messing with settings :) good luck and hope i've helped someone :)


Create a new user in User Accounts in Control Panel called Mark (Administrator privlidged)
Log off, then log on to the new user - Mark

This will fix your documents folder to:C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\My Documents

The Windows registered owner can be changed by many tweak tools, or by the manual registry editing (Warning manually changeing/editing the original installed owner name can stop some programs from working or updating, including all Security updates (that have the original installation name attached)

I see "User" commonly on newly installed Windows computers. I've always preferred "WindowsXp" (no spaces) on an Xp install; and "Vista" on a Vista install.
User sounds horrible, not sure why many companies use this as the standard install logon name.


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whatever you do, DO NOT just rename the directory!
(it is possible, but I'll not say how)

The home directory for each user is \Documents and Settings\user-login-name\
It is known internally as the UserProfile.

Performing a Rename User under User Accounts does change the loging screen,
but not the UserProfile!

To perform the directory name change,
  1. you mush not be logged in on that account
  2. must be logged into another admin accout
  3. know how to perform MASSIVE regedit
  4. and when completed correctly, only then rename the directory

This is NOT for the faint hearted and very easily fouled up; be sure to take a
system restore point before you begin.

Yea, it would be nice to keep login name == userprofile, but it is a mess and
not trivial to do.
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