Nintendo could add Game Boy, Game Boy Color titles to Switch Online service 'really soon'

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Why it matters: Nintendo is preparing to add Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to its Switch Online subscription service, multiple independent sources are reporting. With the three year anniversary of the service just a couple of weeks out, now would be a great time for Nintendo to boost the value of its offering even further.

The Nate the Hate podcast was first to report on the development earlier this week. Nintendo Life then chimed in, claiming its sources had confirmed to them that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles were coming to the service “really soon.” Now, Eurogamer has come forward to say that its own sources have also corroborated the reports.

Nintendo launched its Switch Online service on September 18, 2018. In addition to enabling online play, the service granted access to a persistent and expanding library of Nintendo Entertainment System games. A year later, Nintendo added SNES games to the mix.

Also of note is the fact that data miners in 2019 discovered four emulation types in the NES Switch app: the NES and SNES, and two unaccounted for emulators named Hiyoko and Count. It is believed that Hiyoko could be an emulator for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

So, what about that fourth emulator type? The jury is still out on this one, but with a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition seemingly no longer in the cards, some are no doubt hopeful that the last great cartridge-based console could fill this slot.

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Everything is going digital these days so can we just make a console that can run everything from the past? No way to emulate something like pc users? Companies are missing out on millions or even billions and I don't see how the haven't fullfilled this. People have been complaining about compatabily since xbox360/ps3 days. Figure it out. Make tons of money. Everyone happy. This generation can enjoy video games that were actually worth playing instead of this minecraft/roblox doo doo.


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I hope I can play pokemon gold/silver and battle my friends if they do. Gold and silver is where I think pokemon peaked.