"No Boot Sector" after just reinstalled windows recently

By dnns
Jul 2, 2008
  1. This is the third time I got the same blue screen, and the next thing I know is that my dell inspiron 6000 can not boot anymore. It tells me that "no boot sector on internal hard drive".

    After the last incident (which was a night ago), I reformatted (complete reformat, not the quick format) my harddrive. I also created 3 partitions (Drives C, D and E). I reinstall windows XP. I regularly backup my data so that complete reinstallation is not an issue. Now, just a night after I reinstalled everything. The blue screen shows up again and the next thing is "no boot sector on internal hard drive"

    I tried to repair and type in chkdsk /f, fixmbr, fixboot. Those commands do not work. When I used my reinstallation CD (I did not actually install the windows) and went to a point I can see my harddrive, I realize all my drives C, D and E are gone. All I see is one big harddrive, needing to be formatted again.

    Previously, I created a boot cd. I used that. After I went in, I cannot detect any of my drives C, D and E. I ran an extended dell diagnostic test and it found not problem with my harddrive.

    I know if I reinstall the windows, it will work for a while. I had the same problem 1&1/2 years ago, I completely reinstalled my windows at that time. It lasted 1&1/2 years. This time, after reinstallation, it only lasted one night.

    Any idea? Is this still possible a virus problem? Or my harddrive is bad?
  2. Tmagic650

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    It is time for you to get another hard drive or two. I would advise instead of spliting up a single hard drive into 3 sections, use another drive for backing up important stuff. If that mutiple partitioned hard drive fails, like yours has, you loose everything
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