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By Rdebond666
Mar 21, 2007
  1. Hi there people i recently aqquired a Gigabyte 7nf-rz motherboard with an Amd semperon processor.
    My motherboard supports AGP 8x graphics card but 1.5v only. I recently purchesed a GF mx4000 64mb ddr tv graphics card which i was assured would work with this motherboard.
    Problem is it will not work and although the system seems to kick in the screen stays blank. I have a 400w atx 12v PSU so i know i have plenty of power to run the system as Gigabyte themselfs recommend anything over a 300w will work fine.
    Does anybody know if this is the correct card or if it is not a 1.5v?

    If not could anybody suggest a card they know for sure is 1.5v but a cheap one as i have only just finished paying out for new cards PSU and RAM which means money became tight. Any other specs you need i will try to give you if i can although i am not the greatest in the world when it comes to computers. Any help at all would be fantastc as so far i seem to have hit a brick wall and stopped dead. Thanks again.
  2. Rdebond666

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    Hmm seeing the ammount of ppl that have read this thread am i to presume your all as confussed as me? I am thinking now the motherboard or processor must be defective. i will run more tests and update. Any help is still greatly appricated.
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