No input signal. Monitor going to sleep. Only when gaming.

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Jun 8, 2010
  1. Hi I'm not sure if this post is in the right place so sorry if it isn't.

    When I play a game, any game like the sims3, left4dead or crysis, the screen will go blank and display the words "no input signal" and then "monitor going to sleep" and then the screen will go blank. I can't do anything with the pc after this point even though the tower is still on, I have to restart it by holding in the power button. I have tried pressing the windows button and esc and all that but nothing happens.
    The amount of time i can play a game before it turns off is different each time, i can play for a few hours or a few minutes. Also it only happens when I'm playing a video game.

    I don't know what info is needed so ill just put bits here, i used sisoftware sandra to get this info.

    Model : System manufacturer P5K3 Deluxe

    Model : Intel Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz
    Speed : 3.17GHz
    Cores per Processor : 2 Unit(s)
    Threads per Core : 1 Unit(s)
    Type : Dual-Core
    Integrated Data Cache : 2x 32kB, Synchronous, Write-Thru, 8-way, 64 byte line size
    L2 On-board Cache : 6MB, ECC

    If there is any info you need that isn't here just let me know because this is a problem i would love to fix. Thanks :D
  2. CMH

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    Need to know
    what brand your computer is (if its branded),
    what graphics card is it using, and if you can get it,
    what temperatures everything is running at when you're doing absolutely nothing with the comp, and
    what temperatures everything is running at when you're running your games (stressed system).

    For temperature info, you'll need to download something like Everest.
  3. Legoflamb

    Legoflamb TS Booster Posts: 150

    I'll bet a pound to a penny that your GFX card is overheating - sucked in dust via the fan and now it's clogged the heatsink - sewen this a few times.

    Blow any dust out with your mouth or preferably with compressed air.

    Hope this helps...
  4. gotlucky

    gotlucky TS Rookie

    My wife had a similar problem, and I tried all the suggestions I found on the blogs. Ultimately I fixed the problem by changing the Monitor cable. I know this sounds crazy, but it worked for her. Evidently, the cable got a bend in it somewhere and had intermittant issues that would make the monitor go to sleep. I had an extra cable sitting around, but they cost about $10 at walmart. Also, you can try hooking up another monitor to see if that changes your issues. Good Luck.
  5. whiteg

    whiteg TS Rookie

    Overheating is correct for me!!

    I'll be. I was having the same problem. Sporadic "no input signal" monitor going to sleep. I tried lowering the resolution (native for my monitor is 1440x900), it would work for a while then when I returned to computer later it would be in sleep mode. Tower still running and all but "no input signal". When I disconnected the dvi cable I would receive an error message check video cable which led me to believe everything was ok with the cable. I purchased a new one anyways (it's going back to BB) and received the same "no input signal". I decided to check the graphics card in the tower. So I uninstalled the graphics card (NV GeForce 7350 LE) in device manager, powered down computer, unplugged computer and ventured inside. I attempted to remove the fan, did so and it was caked with dust, there was a substance (reminded me of the consistency of scratched off lottery ticket on some disk on the back of fan) on the back of fan that I scratched off, blew the fan out, screwed fan back in closed up computer, plugged it back in, fired it up. The resolution was really low, it did search for device driver, installed graphics card, requested restart (I'd seen this restart request before after updating graphics card driver and prepared myself for "no input signal"). Upon restart resolution had returned automatically to 1440x900. Everything is great again.
  6. mailpup

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    If you don't replace the thermal compound on the heatsink, you will likely run into graphics card overheating problems in the near future. That's the lottery ticket-like material you removed.
  7. whiteg

    whiteg TS Rookie

    spoke too soon

    Well later that day everything went back to the "no input signal". What I changed this morning was when I was done working on my computer I put it to sleep myself. Each time I have returned to my computer, 1 hour later, 5 hours later each time I was able to bring it out of the self induced sleep using the mouse. Should I change my settings from "put computer to sleep - never" to put monitor to sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity? Seems to be working so far. I have yet to allow it to sleep itself to see if I can wake it. Thanks for the thermal info compound. Do I purchase it and apply it myself or do I need a professional's help?
  8. mailpup

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    If you already know how to take off the heatsink/fan assembly, you can apply your own thermal compound. Just don't apply too much. Use sparingly.

    As far as the, "No input signal," issue, is it really exactly the same as the OP's? Does it give you this message in the middle of playing games? The same games as the OP?
  9. HypaSnipa

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    Sorry if I am reopening a topic, but im searching for a few answers.

    I just recently bought a Radeon HD5670 to replace my nVidia Geforce GTX 285

    I have had issues with the relatively new gtx and my brand new radeon.
    The radeon receives errors exactly like the op's where it sleeps in the middle of a game. My old video card used to crash for a nymmklydm error and I'm wondering whats causing the problem with both. I believed the gtx 285 to be bugged.

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