No Monitor Signal


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I just get a new gamer desktop pc, I think I'm having a issue with the GPU, when I turn on the pc I get no signal in my monitor, it seems like everything is working even the GPU because it displays a blue light and the fans rotate ,the only way I get signal is when I unplug and plug back the power cables from the GPU, but when I shut down the pc and power on again I got the same issue, can someone please help me with this??


TS Evangelist
Open up the case and make sure the video is connected properly.
*If it is somewhat loose in the pci-e 16 slot, that will cost it to short out, not display anything or not boot correctly.

Also make sure the video card is not on too tight to the frame of the case and the mobo.
*Check the mobo and make sure it isn't on too tight or not easily loose on the case mounting pegs.

Is this a external vga card or on-board vga aka (APU) Intel - AMD ?