No more "exclusivity" deals for cross-platform titles

By Wizz-Fizz
Sep 19, 2012
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  1. Is it just me, or everyone over "Exclusivity" deals?

    The "target" of this particular moment of angst is Bethesda, and more specifically, Skyrim and its DLC.
    (Im not going to touch on the Skyrim/PS3 saga at all here, that's a completely different kettle of fish)

    The way Bethesda is handling the DLC for Skyrim is almost insulting to everyone who chooses not to play on XBox.
    Dawnguard was released on XBox with a note saying (along the lines of) "No, we are not even announcing Dawnguard for any other system, so consider yourself lucky if we do"

    5-6 weeks later Dawnguard shows up on Steam for PC and I can finally play it.

    Now take Hearthfire, almost exactly the same thing, with almost the exact same level of contempt for anyone not on XBox and I'm OVER IT!

    I don't begrudge any in house developers releasing titles exclusive to their platform (Halo for XBox, GT5 for PS3 etc), I get it, you coded and optimized for one system only, that's fine.

    These 3rd party developers that are releasing for all platforms playing favorites is getting ridiculous, and as I stated before, verging on insulting!

    Why risk alienating such a part of your audience?

    I don't have any hard evidence to back this up, but I would be highly, HIGHLY, surprised if the average in game time of PC players vastly outweighed our XBox gamer counterparts, I have racked up a touch over 300 hours in game myself.

    Im not going to say that I wont buy Hearthfire, because I already know that I will, but for crying out loud, why "punish" non-XBox gamers with this exclusivity BS?

    Enough with the exclusivity deals already..... or is it just me?

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