Displays No Picture on LCD Monitor


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Model: vx2035wm

Power light blinks blue but no picture. I swapped it out with CRT monitor with no issues on the CRT monitor. How hard is it if I fix it myself? Whats the name of the part I need to fix this and where to buy the part?


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From the info you provided, it's hard to exactly tell what is wrong with your monitor. Most likely you have some capacitors or some transistors that have "burnt up" (failed). You have the blinking light which means that you are still getting some power to it, but not the full amount needed. Looking up the information on the monitor, it is from either 2007 or 2008. My best suggestion is to get a new one. This is not something that is quick and simple to fix. Most of the time when something like this happens, you have to unsolder parts and then solder new parts back on to the board. Also, finding available parts for the monitor might create another challenge. If you are comfortable with this type of repair work, then take the cover off and start looking for "burnt" parts.


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I had a lovely large screen Viewsonic LCD monitor. It cost a lot of money and failed just outside the warranty date. When it came to looking at replacements I found the prices had dropped very considerably. It was easier to buy another but this time I went for one from a different manufacturer.


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Found a copy of the service manual and to replace the backlight you replace to the power circuit board as a assembly which appears to be plug in. I found one on ebay for $46 new.