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Sep 12, 2009
  1. Hello Gents and Ladies I have Win XP Pro s.p.2 and I want to disable some of the programs that run at start up. After reading the forums here (Thanks TechSpot) I have found that I am to Select Start>Run>enter msconfig>and so on.
    One problem, I cant seem to locate my Run feature.
    So signal the mouse shaped light in the sky, because I need you now more than ever COMPUTER GUY
    (Cue corny superhero music)
  2. AtK SpAdE

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    You should find it here

  3. haufsnaggle

    haufsnaggle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Visual learning basics

    I "should" find it there. But its not. Any other suggestions?
  4. AtK SpAdE

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    ahhh ok. Sorry about that.

    In that case you have several options.

    You can hit the Windows key + R to activate run anytime

    And if you want it on your start menu,

    Right click the Start button | Properties |
    Start Menu tab | Customize button |
    Advanced tab | Scroll down and check:
    ? Run command | OK | Apply | OK
  5. haufsnaggle

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    Thanks AtK SpAdE

    That was just the answer I was looking for, a quick and simple solution to solve the problem I faced. Where can I find a list of those commands that I could save to use at a later time? Also back to my initial question, when I get into msconfig, how can I make sure I'm disabling only programs that DON'T need to start during start up? Any other suggestions? Thanks again AtK SpAdE
  6. MaXtor

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  7. AtK SpAdE

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    After you go into msconfig then "startup" you will see all of the programs/services that sartup upon boot. You will then see "manufacturer"

    A few of them you will need to keep. This depends on who makes your graphics/chipset.

    For instance on my system.

    I should not disable services that say, under "manufacturer", Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia. etc. Then there are ones that you may need, such are your anti-viral programs, and software that you do, infact want to start up upon boot.

    Even then there are some Microsoft ones that you can disable, but I would just leave all of them alone.
  8. MaXtor

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    No, you can remove everything from the Startup tab in msconfig if you want, there are no services, only programs. Of course you want to leave your security programs startup. If you have extra buttons on your keyboard for changing the sound volume, etc, there may be a program or two that needs to run (but often only for on screen display). If you're not sure, disable it, you can always reenable anything.

    To see what services are running go into the Services tab, check the checkbox that reads 'Hide all Microsoft services'. The services that show now are not needed for Windows to function, you're free to disable them. However, you'll want to leave the services for your security programs, etc.
  9. Bobbye

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    haufsnaggle, you've gotten some good advice here from two source- let me just expand on them:

    1. The only processes you need to start on boot are the AV program, 3rd party firewall if using one and touchpad for laptop if using one. The rest is just 'convenience'.
    2. You control #1 by using the msconfig utility:
    Start> Run> msconfig> enter> Selective Startup> Startup tab> UNCHECK any processes you don't want to start on boot> Apply> OK.

    When you reboot for the first time after making these changes, you will get a nag message that can be ignored and closed after checking 'don't show this message again.' You have to remain in Selective Startup to keep the changes you've made

    3. In addition to Run, you can control whatever else you want to always show on the Start Menu: use right click on Taskbar> Properties> Startup tab> choose features like Control Panel, My Computer and any other features YOU want to see every time you click on Start.

    NOTE: The Start menu in msconfig(#1) and the Start Up screen(#2) are not the same, but you can make changes in both.

    3. Services are controlled in the Administrative Tools, or more easily> Start> services.msc.
    This is yet an additional section where the Services can be adjusted to Auto, Manual, Disabled Startup type according to need. They are best done in Safe Mode, with care being taken to always view the Dependency tab. A good reference for handling Services is Black Viper.

    4. Sources for Run Commands can be found below:
    From Start> Run> Very useful windows run commands:
    From Start> Run> cmd> Command Line Prompts> Netstat:

    This should help put the total picture together for you.
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