No sound coming from computer

By jwgiii62
Mar 28, 2009
  1. I have a Compaq and used to have no problems with audio until recently. The problem started when I was looking (just guessing) for a driver for my cell phone using one of these driver repair programs offered on the internet. After scanning and downloading the drivers the program said I needed. The sound ceased to work. The message I'M getting is "no sound chip installed or is in use with another program. Any suggestions? I've done everything I could think of but still no sound. Please advise...Thanks again
  2. EXCellR8

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    NEVER USE ANY OF THOSE ONLINE DRIVER PROGRAMS!! (cannot stress that enough)

    You've probably just stumbled across the same problem a friend of mine ran into. After using one of those so called "Driver Detective" programs online, his sound, among a slew of other things, stopped working and it was actually malware. The system detected no sound device installed, though the drivers for his sound card were installed, and all of the mixing software was inaccessible. After hours of scanning, looking through registry entries and installed drivers, I couldn't find what was causing the problem, so we had to reinstall the OS.

    Hopefully I'm wrong and your case is different. Check to see if the drivers for the sound card are still installed and if they are not, reinstall them yourself. You may even be able to roll back to a previous driver in Device Manager. Good luck.
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