No Sound In Vista Ultimate - So Frustrated

By etipjar
Mar 5, 2008
  1. Hello all, and thanks for looking.

    My name is Corey, and yesterday I got my computer back from a friend who fixes computers. He put in a new Motherboard, new graphics card, an extra gig of ram (now running 2 GB of ram), a faster processor and windows vista ultimate.

    My box is running like a top. But no sound. What is a computer with no sound?!?

    Here are the things I know...

    OS = Windows Vista Ultimate SP 1
    Processor = AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+ 2.45 GHz
    RAM = 2.00 GB
    System = 64-bit OS
    Graphics = NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
    Sound, video and game controllers = Realtek AC'97 Audio for VIA (R) Audio Controller
    Motherboard = Abit-KV8 Pro

    Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    If the new drivers don't work you will have to buy a new sound card. Vista is very picky when it comes to sound cards and onboard. I had onboard sound and it didn't work half the time, and when it did, it crackled and popped. It was horrible. There weren't any good Vista drivers out either that fixed the problem either.

    Then I went out and bought a sound card that said "Works with Windows Vista" on it, and guess what? It didn't work. They had Vista drivers on the website but they didn't work. It just goes to show you how much time they put into making a quality product. It was a Sound Blaster Audigy SE. It was a cheap card, but should have worked. So be careful if you decide to buy a new one.

    It's amazing how some $100+ top of the line sound cards don't support Vista yet either.
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