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No sound with WD mini media player

By cjobrien
Jun 10, 2010
  1. Hi
    I have just purchased a WD mini media player to play my movies on my HD TV.
    I have a WD My Book 2T Hard drive and all my movies are AVI.
    After setting it all up i have picture but no sound on any movie.
    What am i doing wrong or what can i do to fix the problem?
  2. Appzalien

    Appzalien TS Rookie Posts: 94

    There are two WD's the WDTV and the WDTV Live. The Live version of the box can convert DTS sound on the fly but since your using avi that shouldn't be the problem. You have two ways to get the video and sound to your set. One is the HDMI and you need to have the high speed cord to get the best quality (10,000gb/s I believe). The others are Composite (yellow) and component (red/green/blue) for video and then you have to use the (Red/White) audio to get the sound into your TV. There is another option and thats HDMI to DVI and since DVI is just video (like a monitor) you have to use the (Red/White) stereo connectors to get audio to the tv.
  3. luvaman

    luvaman TS Rookie

    I couldnt get any sound either with my wd mini media player only picture. did you get any results cjobrien?? will try what appzalien is saying tonight
  4. Appzalien

    Appzalien TS Rookie Posts: 94

    I missed a sound option here, it just occured to me as I read the post anew. There is also an spdif connection on both models that is optical out for sound. Because the WDTV doesn't convert DTS on the fly like the WDTV Live does though, its spdif connector has to go to a receiver for your home theater that has an spdif in and can convert the dts to analog for play through your speakers. With the WDTV Live though all you really need is the HDMI which will transmit both video and audio on the same line. Thats what I have, the WDTV Live and its only connection to the TV (a Samsung SyncMaster 2333HD tv) is the HDMI cord, and I can play MKV AVI and even iso's from the connected usb drive to the tv and I always have sound (although I do not use the tv's speakers, they suck, I have a 2.1 logitech set plugged into the tv's phones out connection for my sound)

    Another point I should make is there are two usb ports on the mini device and the directions say to use the back port (only) when just one usb drive is connected, and only use the side port if you have two drives connected at the same time. Also you can update your firmware with hacked versions or the official stuff from the WD site, but to do so you have to put the files on a usb stick and remove all other usb devices and put the stick in the back port. Then when you start the device it will see the firmware and ask if you want to update. All this info is in your manual and even more info on the WD forum site. Your probably better off there to get your info than from me or this forum.
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