No Wi-Fi listed in network settings

I was watching a tv show on nbc on my dell inspirion when I lost Wi-Fi. I checked and I had no signal and it wasn't even showing any available networks. I called dell and they ran me through a diagnostics. But once they saw my McAfee was expired and I wasn't paying extra for tech support they wouldn't help. Now it's not even showing Wi-Fi in my network connections just Ethernet. Please help


IMO, McAffee isn't worth $$; ditch it and get WiFi running again.

THEN, choose { Avast or AVG } as your A/V product, DL & install.


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Ok so first we have to check and make sure Wifi is turned off. Sometimes its easy to turn the wireless off. In Dells most of the time there is a switch located in the front and or the side of the laptop that toggles the on and off function for wireless. If that is in the case also google your model and see what function key enables and disables wireless. If that isnt the case check your wireless adpater. In network and sharing center got manage adapters. See if the Wireless lan Adapter is disabled....Also check in Device Manager and make sure there isnt a driver issue. In device manager make sure under network adapters there isnt an issue such as the following symbols next to the driver (!) Next which im sure you checked is to makes sure other devices connect to your wireless without issues to rule out the wireless router. Lastly if all this fails you may want to try a system restore back to a working time. I do agree with jobeard that McAfee is garbage and not worth the money. AVG used to be much better years ago but is now junk. Avast is ok but I find the audible alers annoying and it tends to overprotect. At this point most of my residential customers use Microsoft security Essentials or Eset anti virus. Before installing one of these you must remove McAfee. At their website they have an actual removal tool or you can use a third party tool called Revo Uninstaller from If you have further issues let me know but these would be standard troubleshooting steps. Hope this helps, have a great evening.
Hi there,

Usually when there is no Wireless connection listed in Network connections it's a driver gone missing.
You could try to go to Device Manager and reinstall it.

Hope that helps