NOD32 or ESET Smart Security?

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Nov 23, 2008
  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

    Anyway, my 30-day trial for NOD32 is going to run out in a couple of days. I was for sure buying it, but I also saw that ESET also sells a Smart Security program, which comes with NOD32 and ESET's own firewall. Can anyone recommend this, or should I stick with the bought NOD32 and the Zonealarm Firewall I'm currently running (which seems to be working fine)?

    Thanks much.
  2. Bobbye

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    It depends what you want. My preference is stand alone programs, not security suites. I have Nod32 and an pleased with it.

    If your preference is to bundle the software, go for the suite. You should check around on reviews of Esset firewall though. I don't know about that. And if you already have ZoneAlarm an it's running well, why shake up things? Sometimes saving a few bucks isn't worth it!
  3. old101

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    Have been using the suite for approximately 18 months or so, on a Vista desktop and XP laptop. Replaced NOD32 on a laptop. Have been quite happy with the experience so far. Small footprint and quite unobtrusive after a day or so use. Use it on default settings, with one change only: from automatic to interactive.

    Look up the Eset support forum on Wilders Security. It is monitored by an Eset Moderator.
  4. aaronb1232

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    Here's a new development:

    I'm uninstalling ZoneAlarm free firewall. Long story short the dang thing's completely incompatible with my Nintendo Wi-fi connection. Since there's Comodo out there for a free firewall I'm going to use that.

    Going to their site, Comodo Firewall comes with Comodo Internet Security (their antivirus, too). I'm wondering if this antivirus will interfere with NOD32? I'd rather just have the firewall in this package, so maybe I can disable Comodo's AV.


    Edit: Scratch that. I was able to omit installing their antivirus when I installed. I just got their firewall. The Nintendo connection's working now and everything seems to be working great! I'll be purchasing just NOD32 in a couple days. Thanks for your help again guys. :]
  5. jobeard

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    Strongly related to Bobbye's comment re standalone services :)
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