Noise level X1900XTX vs 7900 GTX

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Hey guys I am interested in buying the ATI X1900XTX but found out that it makes a lot of noise compared to the Nvidia 7900 GTX. I have an ACER E500 and I has many open spaces. The PC itself is very quite and it is almost impossible to know if it is on, if the monitor is switched of. Here are some pics of my case -




(It even has holes on the side where there all the ports.)
So can anyone having one of these cards please reply. Thanks.


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Those pics don't help much. You'll need to pull the cover.
I'm not aware of noise level from Video cards...unless you forget to plug power into them. Then they scream like a dickens! :eek:


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pic 3 seems to be showing an orange slot?
Are you trying to show us your case is very airy and
a noisey video card would be louder?
I'm still not aware of any noisey video cards.
I do get it that you're looking for people that have a ATI X1900XTX.
Are you refering to the on video card fans?
If this is the case there are solutions to that.


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I'm not sure what the pictures are supposed be showing. If it's to illustrate the quietness you're talking about, pictures can't do that very well. Anyway, I have an Asus Radeon X1900XTX and when you first turn on the PC, the fan on the graphics card spins at full speed just for a second before it slows to a quieter normal speed. I presume that's the noise you were talking about. If so, I don't find it to be a problem, although it's a bit unusual. I guess some people don't like it.


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I have an MSI 1900XTX, and I'll agree with mailpup, the noise to me is not that loud at all. Except, when I'm playing a graphics intensive game like Fear, or Oblivion, at times the fan on the card will speed up for a few seconds and it is noticable. But it doesn't stay at that speed for long at a time, and it really doesn't bother me that much while concentrating on playing the game.


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And to round things out, I'm running a Sapphire X1900XTX (didn't know there were that many members with that kind of money here :) ) and there really isn't that much fan noise. I'm getting more noise from my Northbridge fan on this Abit mobo. My case fans are quiet 120mm models so I'd notice the difference. Really no more noise than the 800 Pro I replaced.


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Only when I start my computer up and when the game gets really intense the fan goes full bre and then its pretty loud. thankfully that is only for a few seconds.


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Well the point I was trying to make posting the pics of my case was if a loud card like the ATI Radeon 1900XTX (which I thought was loud cause I read it on a review) would sound louder.
Now that been cleared out, lets just rest the case ..... CAUSE I GOT THE SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON 1900XTX and well it isnt loud at all. The card only roars once in awhile, I think thats normal as you cant shut up the King of the Jungle. ( :p to avoid anymore confusion on this thread, I am comparing the card to a lion thus using the terms "roar" and "King of the Jungle")

Anyways, thank u all for taking time and repling. :)


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