Nokia launches patent offensive, sues HTC, RIM and ViewSonic


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Struggling Finnish phone maker Nokia propelled itself in the ongoing mobile patent wars after it filed multiple lawsuits in two different continents during a single day against HTC, Research in Motion...

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wow, so modern corporate solutions to loosing ground against a competitor is not to improve the product/service and innovation.. but to sue.. moores law is in no danger of collapsing. shortly the only thing we'll be seeing large tech companies do is suing one another and not actually making products.


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If Nokia's patents are being violated, should they not take action? You can link this to Nokia's recent slip in the top spot, but I'm sure this was on the agenda anyway. I think it is pretty rediculous how much companies have been at each others' throats about patents, but they didn't create the system, they're just utilizing it.


Am I the only person who finds it incomprehensible that these companies are given such ridiculously broad and basic patents to begin with?

Retrieval of email attachments on a mobile device? Data encryption? multitasking? Application stores? Really? These are all incredibly basic things that anybody with half a brain cell could anticipate becoming standard across all mobile devices, so why were they allowed to patent them?

And, having granted the patent, why aren't/can't the courts removing them? It's like granting Ford a patent on 'air conditioning for a car' or something. Someone had to come up with it first (did Nokia even come up with these?), but it's obvious to all that air conditioning would become standard in all cars.


Falling behind? Let's sue! Nokia has a tons of patents but really they're suing because they're doing so bad. Respect for RIM I guess? They haven't sued anyone to my knowledge...yet.