Normal Temp for a KT266a chipset

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Feb 10, 2002
  1. Vehementi

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    You should only use a Dremel if you already have one, don't buy one just for this. Otherwise, a 3" hole saw/drill will work just fine. Criculation in your case is definitely an issue, I cannot stress enough your need of case fans. Install them in the top of the case (if you can) too...And consider drilling two holes in the side of your case, one blowing in and the other out. This will produce fresh air over your CPU & Northbridge all the time.
  2. uncleel

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    No No No! That's where the INTAKE fan should be.
    EXHAUST from the top or back (blowhole).
    You need air circulation. Also a duct would help.
    Please R-E-A-D those links provided before you perform surgery.

    Here's more... @ Hard[OCP]

    Case Modding 101

    Make your own blow hole

    The original blowhole

    Exhaust blowers
  3. Didou

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    Re: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    I can put an exhaust fan on the back, no problem there but there's no way I can out an intake fan on the front. They've put a sort of cage to install usb ports & so far I haven't had any luck taking it out.
  4. Didou

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    This could be fun...

    Since I'm gonna have to do some modding, might as well have fun with it :D

    Here's a link that shows how to use a SpeakerGrill in front of the fan. That should give it a nice look --> Speaker grill Mod

    Here's what it looks like in the end

  5. uncleel

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    Inwin Q500a mod

    Rounded cases are difficult.
    You can put them on the side of the case, as long as the wires (w/ a disconnect) are long enough. You can also add a duct. You want to bring fresh air in especially around the dead :dead: zone of the mobo; providing circulation for your cards, cpu, chipset, etc.
    You should have a space in back above the psu to add an exhaust fan, or you can put a blowhole right on top.

    My front panel is slotted, so I cut & added a 80mm duct to the plastic bracket w/ a fan & a filter! That dumps the air @ the base of the mobo. Since this is a full tower, I have another fan (blowing upwards) @ the bottom bracket of the drive bays. Above the psu is where I have my exhaust. I also have a lil' 7v fan blowing underneath the HD.
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