Norway's government chimes in on Bitcoin, says it doesn't fall under the usual definition of money

Shawn Knight

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As Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity, it’s no surprise that we are also hearing a number of governments around the world chime in on the matter. The latest country to speak out (negatively) on Bitcoin is Norway, Scandinavia’s richest...

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They can say whatever they want; it's a currency. It may be fiat but the value is in the system the ability to transfer currency without taxes or account fees and allows people to do so discreetly and securely (until the fed uses some insane technology to decrypt the network)if even possible...this system will always have value. It's not up to the government what currency people use. Would you rather pay to deposit U.S. dollars while their inflating or use this currency rising in value that is secure and free to use with no paper trail?


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And at the same time, they will not allow a currency to grab traction without taxation. It is not the currency they care about, it is the lack of taxation they care about.
Whats the difference from a robber and government? France even has a tax rate of 100% for some people. Maybe a robber could steal your car but not your entire salary.