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Dec 27, 2010
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  1. Hello all, I got an XFX 5870 1GB for Christmas and I am having some issues with it. In Linux, it works fine, no screen glitches but in Windows 7.........

    While in dual monitor mode in windows I am getting strange effects on the 2nd monitor. I have read that this is due to the power-saving feature within the card. I tried the catalyst xml method to disable it and it doesn't work. I don't want to flash it because it will void my warranty. I have a question though, I plan to run this card with three screens in eyefinity spanning mode, does anyone on here have that setup and still experience screen flicker or any other issues? I am thinking that three 22's will be enough to keep the card in 3D mode but I am not sure. Are there other methods to disable the power saving feature on this card. Im thinking that it is actually a driver issue simply because linux does not do the same flickering.

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    The problem is most likely the 2D (normal desktop 157MHz/300MHz) clocks set too low to drive two/three screens.

    If you are using Catalyst Control Centre, click on the "ATI Overdrive" tab and uncheck "Enable ATI Overdrive" - this of course means no overclocking unless you use a third party utility such as MSI Afterburner -You may also need to create two seperate profiles for this ( 2D and 3D).
    If unchecking Overdrive does not work for you then the other option, as you seem to be aware, is to flash (or have flashed) the cards' BIOS to enable the Powerplay function to operate correctly. Most card vendors will send you links for utilities (or the utilities themselves- ATI flash, new BIOS, HP's bootable USB/CD/DVD tool) with detailed instruction on how to flash the BIOS which would save you time, expense and down time from a direct RMA - flashing the BIOS yourself is covered by warranty if the vendor sanctions its use.
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    which power supply are you using?
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    No issues here with two screens (I've never seen any flickering), one via DVI and another HDMI or DisplayPort. Can't test with three because I don't have a suitable adapter.

    I'm just browsing teh internets now and the GPU/memory speeds aren't dropping from full speed.

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  5. dividebyzero

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    If you are waiting for the clockspeeds to change on the tab that your .png shows you'll be waiting for a long, long time.
    The realtime clockspeed is shown on the "Sensors" tab- see below. I wouldn't think you're running at 3D app speed in a 2D enviroment unless you have set a profile to do so.
    Having said that, not all HD5xxx series cards are affected (i.e. in need of a BIOS flash) -depends how long the card has been sitting on the shelf.

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