Not sure if my video card or motherboard is broken

By gingerbill
Nov 8, 2009
  1. got an 8800gts640 using a P5vd2-x motherboard . Using XP and the computer is 3 years old .

    Was playing a game when it froze and purple lines appeared on the screen , rebooted the PC , it had purple lines on the screen while booting up but not in windows . In windows its is running slow when looking at websites ( seems to redraw the screen while scrolling down) .

    There's a yellow exclamation mark next to the video card on the device manager . Says " cannot start device error code 10" . Did a search on that but nothing really helpul .

    So my mate lent me his spare 8600 card , i put that straight in but the computer had the same purple lines got into windows then crashed , reset itself but wouldnt get by the very start off boot up , saying an error message that sounded serious and wouldnt even boot up at all .

    Put my original card back in and it booted up with the purple lines that then dissapeared once in windows , it said windows had recovered from a critical system failure . So i can use the computer in windows but if the website has any graphics on it it scrolls down very slowly . Also i cant load up any games as they will crash quickly .

    Should my friends card have worked just by plugging it in as its an nvidia card as well? Not sure now if my video card is broken or the motherboard . I havent re-installed the crivers which i will but im sure that wont make any diffrence .
  2. Ritwik7

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    Well, it seems that it's the motherboard as two cards failing is quite a coincidence. It could be a problem with the PCI-E slot. Not sure though.

    I suggest that you re-seat everything on the motherboard.Then uninstall and reinstall all video drivers. If that doesn't help just try a fresh install of the OS and drivers.
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