Not your average taskbar problem

By b_vanduuren
May 17, 2008
  1. I have a problem with my taskbar that happens every few startups of windows. I'm running windows XP Sp2. What happens is straight away i notice a bit of a delay in the loading of the icons in the system tray and then next thing it's all loaded but when ever i try clicking on the start menu or the quick launch or the system tray it does nothing... all i get is that annoying sound that i'm clicking somewhere that I can't or am not allowed to. I've been searching for help with this on google but can't find anyone with the same problem. i can open the start menu with the windows key and can switch between windows using alt tab but absolutely nothing can be clicked on the whole taskbar (toolbar... dont know the difference) left click or right click.. any ideas? thanks
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    Do you realize that all those icons that populate the Notification Area (new name for System Tray) represent programs and apps that start at boot, then run in the background? So right off, I would suggest you use the msconfig utility to access the Startup menu and uncheck everything "except" the antivirus program, firewall, touchpad for laptop and network process if on network. Reboot.

    Then try the Taskbar repair.

    The Taskbar runs along the bottom of the screen. It has the Start button on the left, the Quick Launch Toolbar to the right of it and the Notification Area to the far right. The section in the middle shows active or minimized Windows and programs.

    The Toolbar(s) are most usually found at the top of the screen and contain 'tools'- words or icons- to be used with the Windows. Some users have small Toolbars pinned to the Quick Launch Toolbar.
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