Not your typical black screen syndrome, please help

By StormCrow66
Jun 13, 2009
  1. It all started about two weeks ago when playing 'Bioshock' on my dell computer and dell screen. While playing games for any sustained amount of time or watching videos or just surfing the net the computer screen will go black, no flickering no blue screens this is an absolute black. Computer will still be on ,monitor will still be on and the sound and controlls will still work . How ever, the weirdest part is that if i turn the monitor off and then turn it back on everything will be fine. as though i had only turned the screen off. But i didnt. its not even going into sleep mode by accident because the light remains green on the monitor insted of turning orange like in sleep mode. Plus shaking the mouse or typing or any for of stimulation other then turning the monitor on and of will not work. This is why its puzzuling. all the post ive read through have not addressed my specific issue and ive read well over a hundred of them by now. plaese help in any way you can think possible. Oh and bye the way ive cheked my fan and temp reading on my card and the fans still work . Might be dust but i doubt it. it could be the card but why would tuning the screen off and on fix that? Please help.

    Oh forgot to mention that the frequency of the black screen syndrome increases over the course of the day. Frist two hours or so will go by with no ploblems and then over the next few hours you will find yourself turing it on and off every five minutes or so. even less by the tiem your so tired of it you turn it off!

    Note computer has been working great up till now. Drivers are up to date on video card which is listed in the computer stats.

    computer stats

    Manufacturer= Dell

    system= inspiron 530

    proscessor= intell core 2 quad CPU Q9300 @2.50 GHz /2.50GHz

    ram= 6gb

    operating system = windows vista 64 home premium(if you wanna call it premium!)

    hard drive= hetachi HDS721075KLA330 ATA

    Graphics card= ATI raedon HD 2600 XT 256MB DDR4

    monitor (evil) =dell E228 WFP 22"

    If you need more info just ask !!
  2. sayhonkmon

    sayhonkmon TS Rookie

    Try another monitor and see what happens. Sounds like a component is overheating.
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