Notebook sound card for 5.1 channel speakers?

By DarrenReid123
Jun 3, 2010
  1. hi well i im planing to buy a logitech x540 sound system but it needs a sound card 5.1 or somthing i use vista and i have a emachines e625 laptop can please tell me how to find out or what it is im a noob i only know the basics but this is the first time i have really wonderd about my sound card thanks for your help and support

    Darren Reid

    p.s i posted on the rang forum can admin or mod delete it please thanks again and sorry
  2. RayRay

    RayRay TS Booster Posts: 76

    on your laptop you got only one output and one input

    the output is for headset and may be used with stereo speakers, or 2.1 system, means there are 2 speakers for left and right and a sub.

    but now comes your problem.

    what you are plannig to buy is a 5.1 speaker system and means it got 5 speakers and a sub.
    that means it have more than one connector. it haves tree connectors:

    one for sub and the center speaker,
    one for the front speakers left and right,
    and the last one for the rear speakers left and right.

    you will need a 5.1 usb sound card if you still want to have the logitech x540 speaker system and use it on you're laptop.
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