Nv4_disp.dll related problem

By Fulsam
Sep 8, 2009
  1. Today, my computer started to freeze abnormally. After a while, the computer froze and restarted itself and a window talking about a device failure came up. I took a look at the details and it stated that it was a problem with nv4_disp.dll. I'm going to assume that my computer overheated. Does anyone have a solution if this persists?
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    Update your video card drivers.
  3. Fulsam

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    Ok, I cooled down the computer last night and it ran fine after that. Today, however, when I go to turn it on, it starts for a split second and then stops... I guess the power supply is now fried...

    EDIT: The power supply is fine. Turns out, the problem is that the Capacitor caps on the graphics card were blown due to an overheat. The fan on this card is also not functioning. The good thing is that another card Identical to it is still working (The system had an SLI configuration, which means it has 2 identical graphics cards), but the fan on this unit is also not functioning. Can anyone tell me how to replace it before this one goes too?
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