Nvidia delivers official statement on melting RTX 4090 power cables


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If the cable still allows current to flow even if plugged in incorrectly, it's a design flaw.
Simple as that.

Exactly. If it's that critical that failing to insert it 100% could cause a fire, then it should have a connector with some sort of lever that ensures it's fully inserted.

Stupid lazy design for a stupid product.


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Nvidia's design was flawed from the very start. Why didn't they adopt Tesla charging connectors? They work with V3 superchargers which can continuously deliver of up 250 KW power per connector. Then there would be no melting. Yeah, maybe the video card would melt, but not the connector.
The new gig economy is getting out of hand. Nvidia didn't even have to ask or pay GN, and they got results!
Why would Nvidia have to pay Gamers Nexus? I mean they showed exactly what happened, cables not being plugged in all the way, with a whopping 4mm left before the cable was fully seated and it being pulled to one side, they even showed evidence of the melted cables provided by the user and replicated the issue.
I know that companies are big and evil, but it's the user error, could the cable have been designed to be ever more dumb safe? Most likely! Is it the user fault for being unable to plug on a cable correctly? Ultimately, yes.

And for the argument "oh but it only happens with 4090", yes, because only 4090 so far use this connector, so what? It didn't happen before because older connector make a more obvious click, but if that lack of a click when plugging in a cable is your cue to say it's Nvidia (or whoever designed the new connector standard), then no.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Nvidia is good or bad, but if there are issues with the series 40 that's the pricing, not the power connector. Out of all who purchased the 4090 below 1% had issues, it sounds totally reasonable that those users didn't plug in the cable correctly, it's not like 50% of people couldn't do it, at that point you could argue that the design would just be bad.
That would correlate lots of resources (money) with being smart or capable. The person spending this kind of cash for a gaming card likely doesn't see the price as a barrier. The person who saved up to buy a $300 card likely will treat it extremely well.
I see the price as a barrier, but even if I didn't I'd still be careful enough not to melt the connector, like I did, and like another 99%+ of users did.
Less than 1% of users who bought the 4090 are *****s who couldn't plug in a cable correctly, it's not that staggering of a metric... I mean, how many people were dumb enough not to mount the stand on the PS5 when it released or to insert the disk correctly even thought the console showed a picture of how to do it?