nVIDIA Detonator Series

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Feb 15, 2002
  1. I want to know the difference between the Detonator drivers, i.m. I've found a leaked beta 16.30 (supporting Win2k/XP), although I lnew that 21.81 was the first XP Detonator... I read somewhere that 1X.XX serie is supporting mainly TNT2, and the 2X.XX is for GeForces. But officially the only Detonators are from 2X serie.

    As a TNT2 owner, I am confused. What should I do? To update to latest Detonators (for improved compatibility and reliabilty with apps), to stick with older 12.XX (latest approved by nVIDIA) or to try leaked betas of 1X (and I want to ask what's the use for those?) ?

    As of now, I use for 3 weeks Detonator 16.30 and doesn't gives me any errors...

    If anyone could give me some advices/ideas, I'll be most grateful...
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    Might as well stick with those. It's mostly a matter of trying out which one works best for you...
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    Re: Re: nVIDIA Detonator Series

    You're right, but I want to hear other people experience.

    If someone could explain me the "story" of detonators :confused:
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  5. duku

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    See, the problem was when I've installed 21.83 WHQL drivers and Quake 3 starts to look fuzzy, mixed textures, distorted meshes. I've found that nVidia introduced with this version a new OpenGL ICD (1.2.2 I think) which seems to don't work properly with TNT's. When I've returned to 12.41 WHQL, the problem dissapears, so I've assumed it were the drivers. I didn't try other 2X version, mainly because I've heard that rumour which I mentioned in my earlier post (1X for TNT2, 2X for GeForces). Then I've found the leaked 16.30, which kind of confirm this theory...

    The tweakersasylum.com in-depth analysis is very useful, indeed, but for me not quite so, because it doesn't use my old crappy video card :(

    If there are any more TNT2 users on this forum (which I really don't think so :) ), please give a suggestion...
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