Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 12GB Review: Shameless Cash Grab Edition

Because they CAN'T.

They are selling everything as as fast as they can make it. GPUs are manufactured - not conjured by a wouldn't-it-be-nice whim.

FABs take years to build so more manufacturing capacity takes a while to bring online if future demand forecasts were wrong. Some mid level data analyst is more to blame than anyone - and it's not like anyone predicted the pandemic and all its fallout.
Nvidia has indicated that they have plans of increasing supply in the second half of 2022. This is coincidentally when the 4000 series on the new 5nm node is predicted to release. They clearly plan on having a new product to sell to hedge against used 3000 series cards flooding the market. The current mining bubble is not guaranteed to last.

If all they cared about was getting more cards out regardless of any other market factors then they would probably have delayed that launch. But they already learned their lesson.


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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 12GB Review: Butthurt tagline edition.

Following a whiney article about not getting pre-release review card and having your "importance" overlooked (oof, my ego!), with obviously bitter and biased wording in a "review" looks bad on you TS.

Stay classy.


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In Canada the 12G go for any where from 2 to 3 grand. Think a 10G or Ti would be cheaper? Naw... those start at 2,5000 CN minimum, if you can find one that is. Might as well go for a 3090, those only go for 3 to 4 grand.

Buddy wanted me to build him a system worth about 5 grand. Good budget, until I priced it out on parts picker. Everything but the DDR5 was reasonable. Until I added a graphics card. At that point he could no longer get a monitor to complete the system and stay in budget. Told him that currently he'd be better off getting an Alienware instead. Last I checked he could get a good system with a GTX 3080 in it and still get a good IPS monitor if he went that route.


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This article and comments section reaks of entitlement. How dare Nvidia have the audacity to maximise profits on a luxury product they make that people use to play computer games with!

Yeah I dont like high prices on GPUs either but blaming Nvidia (Or AMD etc) for the increased demand is a bit unfair. If any of us got offered more money to do our jobs we would take it.
Video cards, or any computer parts, are not luxury items, they never were and hopefully never will be. The situation with the current pricing is just speculation and it should be punished accordingly.


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FYI everyone:

The MSI Ventus 12GB OC version is on sale right now at Newegg for $810 (after a small $30 rebate). This is a STEAL and I just grabbed mine, with free two day shipping in the USA.

It's literally cheaper than any RTX 3080 10GB model, and who wouldn't like the extra VRAM, cores and bandwidth?!

Just sayin...


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The soup of the day? Cream of Who Friggin Cares.

But thank you (seriously) Steve for going through the motions. :)
And now I feel like a jackazz because I just bought one about an hour ago haha.

The reason? Newegg has the MSI Ventus 12gb OC version on sale for $839, and offering a $30 rebate card (which will likley show up long after I've forgotten about it lol) Bringing it to $810 + tax. I know MSI isn't the BEST brand, so I will probably skip an attempt at overclocking, as it's probably maxed from the factory (but we'll see...).

C'mon Steve, at this price (cheaper than any stock 10GB model I've seen) even YOU can recommend this, right? ;)

Sure, I was planning to hold out for the 4080, but who knows what the pricing and availability will be? If they are readily available, kick ***, and not too overpriced, I'll dump this card on ebay and go for it.

My Alienware 3423DW arrives later this week, and I needed to upgrade my 1080Ti asap. My co-workers are going to be offered some excellent deals on my "old" parts!


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Makes me feel better that I stood in line outside Micro for 2hrs in the freezing rain to a 3080 Gaming X Trio launch week for ORIGINAL MSRP $749.