Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Review: $600 Mid-Range is Here

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I should have said "the inflation narrative for GPUs", I thought it was obvious with the quote. But talking about the general inflation, corporations benefits also show clearly a weaponization of inflation.

Inflation is caused primarily by money creation. So the weaponization critique is better aimed at The Fed and the federal government.


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So what you're saying is loads of cards actually being available and on shelves at launch is.. somehow bad?

While at the same time, people can't stop bringing up that AMD cards are now regularly available below MSRP. Because heavy discounts are a sign of.. what exactly, of healthy sales?

When your narrative starts to rely on this 1984 level of newspeak, perhaps it is time to reevaluate.

When you do not understand the semiconductor industry and only use price as a metric, it's time to reevaluate your line of argument. RDNA2 is smaller and cheaper to make than the Ampere... and more powerful. Their design has more efficiency of scale and can easily compete on price/performance...!

With 100% hindsight, AMD doesn't have to worry about RTX4 (Ada Lovelace) because it is NOT a game specific architecture and can not even compete with RDNA2, let alone RDNA3.

As such, Gamers are reaping the price/performance rewards of RDNA2 & the 6000 series Radeons right now...

Ironically, it was NVidia that had to "Un-Announce" their RTX4080... and rename it a 4070ti and discount it before they even released it...

AMD offers better price/performance across the board...
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