Nvidia quietly intros first GeForce 300-series graphics card

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Nov 26, 2009
  1. Is there a difference between the 8800GT and the 9800GT?
    I couldn't find one...
  2. By "business and marketing practice", you're obviously referring to the "let's swindle the customer by making them think they're getting something new, while all we're doing is putting a new sticker on it"

    All it is is a scam. Their entire product-naming methodology is designed to rip-off the consumer. At least auto manufacturers just use the year. If nVidia wanted to play the honesty game, they should have called this card the 210-09 or the 2009 210. It sickens me. NVidia isn't the only one doing this though, they just play the game. :(
  3. alexandrionel

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    I can't believe people still buy move nvidia than ATI.
    It is unfortunate that people are blinded by the brand. I really can't see any reason why anyone should buy a nvidia card these days.
    ATI doesn't just provide better cards, but also cheaper.
    Maybe I will become ATI crazy like all those other Nvidia guys :)).
  4. klepto12

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    nvidia is doing this for one reason because they can. the rebranding thing is just a ploy to get unexpecting people to buy old hardware thinking its new really its just a tragedy in and of itself nvidia will probably bring out the 330 series and it will be good but i have lost all faith in them and am an avid ati fan now
  5. Orionlocke

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    I don't really see the point of releasing a card like this and calling it new and especially branding it a 300 series.
    I can't wait to see what Nvidia comes out with as far as their high end 300 series cards with DX 11. I was hoping they would have answered new Radeons by now but still no definite word on when the new line of cards will be out.
  6. I too hate nV for this rampant rebranding, But lets not forget what ATI did back in '08 with the Radeon 2000/3000 series.
  7. Kibaruk

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    After checking a couple of sites, if they are taking into consideration heavy power improvements they are not rebranded cards, if they still suck it's another thing.

    The problem here is that people think 9000 is better than 7000 just because it is a bigger number, and this will last until they put hardware classes on schools, or until someone reads a bit before buying things they know absolutely nothing about.
  8. Dont worry, they will launch a super video card, im only say one thing, wait, and im waiting, i was ati constumer and amd is full of bla, bla, bla, bad drivers, poor opengl performance, 5970 is full of issues, google it. Ati will have the crown for 3 months and nvidia for 9.
  9. This is pretty simple. What else could they possible add to a new card? They improve clock speeds/bus size/memory size. Why invest time/money in old technology when they can spend more time getting FERMI right to kick ***? This is a low end card and FERMI probably wasn't ready but this card in it's 200 Series form was released so recently they figured they would just up it to let people know GTX3XX is coming soon. FERMI was no where near ready for the GTX2XX series so the best they could do was 45nm die change. There moves seem unethical at first glance but honestly if FERMI is as good as they've hyped it and the entire 3XX line is amazing it'll be worth it in the end.

    FERMI != CUDA, it's entirely new architecture/technology so it can't be a simple rebrand this time... how does everyone look past this?
  10. dividebyzero

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    Personally it doesn't bother me a bit. I'ts a rebrand of bare-bones card entirely for the OEM market. Far as I'm concerned you buy a Dell/HP then you should count yourself lucky that the insides aren't crammed with genetically engineered dwarfs running on treadmills.
  11. dividebyzero

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    I'm pretty sure nVIDIA, or for that matter AMD too, know exactly what the CONSUMER ( I figure graphics card manufactures could care less how people dress others) wants. Buying an HD5xxx card now means diddly-squat to nVIDIA- the simple season being that if the GF100 part proves to offer better performance than the HD5870 then people will buy it, and if estimates that the Fermi card's performance is mid-way between the HD5870 and HD5890 in gaming are realised then you can guarantee that a fair proportion of HD5850 and 5870 owners will flogging their ATI cards on eBay a day after the benchmarks are published to fund the "new best thing". Add in the nVIDIA-loyal consumer base and I don't think the stock will be sitting on the shelf for want of customers.
    Case in point...I can buy a HD4870X2 or GTX295 through online auctions (locally Trade Me , internationally eBay) for half the price of a new HD5870....After paying their selling commission, these sellers are looking at spending more than twice their sale price to "upgrade"- why? Does a HD5870 offer twice the performance of a HD4870X2/GTX295 ? Or how about the logic of selling a GTX285/HD4890 for sub $NZ300 to buy a $NZ800 HD5870 or $NZ1300 HD5970 ?
    Buying logic and enthusiast grade GPU's are mutually exclusive concepts. Bottom line - If the card delivers the numbers then people will buy it when it comes out, the only variables being brand allegiance and whether you value Eyefinity/Avivo etc over PhysX/3D vision/Purevision.
  12. dividebyzero

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    "To be more exact, first of all we have to point out that Nvidia currently offers solutions that simply have no analogues in the AMD camp. The architectural and hardware features make Quadro FX 4800 and Quadro FX 5800 faster than any of the available AMD solutions in 3D modeling and computer-aided design systems. Moreover, only Nvidia offers solution equipped with unprecedented amounts of video memory that may be useful for creation and processing of higher complexity 3D models."

    Ion, Ion2, Tegra, GPGPU/CUDA tech......

    Apart from contradicting the general consensus within the technology community you make an incisive argument...well played !
  13. dividebyzero

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    It's my understanding that nVIDIA has posted an after-tax profit for quite some time.
    When was the last time AMD showed a profit ? Or likely to ?
    You might want to check the post above this one then find out the MSRP on a FX4800 or FX5800 Quadro.
    As for re-branding , what is fundamentally different between the architecture of the HD3xxx, HD4xxx and HD5xxx series ? Because of AMD's financial status resembling a port-a-potty three days into a three day rock festival they have restricted their R&D to little more than tweaking a very good design. How much more tweaking can be done before they need to shift gears and change -and spend R&D cash which they most likely will never have thanks to Intel's foot on their throat ?
  14. That's NOT the Nivdiea 300 card in the picture, LOL. What a joker...
  15. your information was useful. I was looking at Toshiba gaming laptops website and I found out that their best laptop had an nvidia GTS 250M and I never found any useful info about it, which astonished me. so, thanks for your effort and time.
  16. In January of 2010, I went to purchase a video card for a cheap Dell computer so I didn't want to spend alot of money. I purchased a Nvidia Geforce 210 and took the box home. Later that evening, when opened the box inside was the Geforce 310 labeled as a Geforce 210. I put it in the computer and it worked perfectly, well .... at least that is for about a week. The new fan used on the video card began to squeal very loudly. It was so loud that it even made my dog howl. I know this sometimes happens when fans get old, but c'mon, one week! How cheap can Nvidia get? I replaced the video card with a 260 series card. If I get the same problem with this card I will switch to ATI.
  17. dividebyzero

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    Hey "Guest"- Newsflash!
    There's not a graphics card manufacturer, or card model that has a zero defect record...and that includes AMD. Google GSoD and idle/2D power states for more info.
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